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1995 Mitsu dually diesel

Discussion in 'Mini Truck Spottings' started by matt419, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. matt419

    matt419 New Member

  2. jpfanne

    jpfanne Member

    I was took one of my trucks to a local sports/boat show this weekend and had several people tell me that they had seen these exact mini trucks with diesel engines. Am I missing something? I was told they were all gas engines. Just want to make sure I'm not giving out any false information.

  3. ddimports

    ddimports Member

    where is noway that has 1000cc diesel motor i import canters into canada it is most likely a 2.5 to 4lt motor
  4. d rock

    d rock Member

    yeah, and i want to see something shaped like a big brick do 40 plus mpg!
  5. aspaguy

    aspaguy New Member

    1 litre diesel?

    Hi Guys,
    New Guy in Idaho here. I have been considering one of these trucks for my service business. This Canter is the best looking one I've seen. as a general rule, These minis are just ugly. The "brick" seems to have about the same windshield rake as most of the minis I have seen. It just looks more square because of the crew cab. Normally, I would say how can you get approximately the same mpg with 1000 cc as 660? But diesels are known for better mpg. As far as the Canter not being available with 1000CC, my research would support that, as I can not even find a reference to it in Japan. Oh, hey :) I just got a reply from the seller, for a question I had asked him , Here it is:

    Q: Hello, this is a great looking truck. I have been trying to research before bidding, but can not find matching info even in japan. An importer of Canters tells me that they dont put anything smaller than 2800cc engines in these. Can you supply any supporting info. If your specs are correct then where did this truck come from, and are parts available. The cab looks identical to that of large japanese trucks. would you mind providing dimensions of the bed and the overal length of the truck? Thanks, Dale

    A: I was told by the dealer that this truck was 1000cc . All I have to go by is the dealers information. WE replaced the ingintion switch complete and one side back window. We orderd this from Japan and received them 1 week later by UPS in Dec-07. The truck is at the ranch,
    but it is probably 4.5 feet wide and 13.5 feet long. We bought 2 trucks alike and camoed one the boys are driving all the time. They like the camo version we did. Send me your ph# and I will call you if you need any other questions answered.
    Thanks, These trucks are really neat.

    Well, maybe that info will be slightly helpfull, or at least interesting, to someone. I was thinking that the cab looking so much like the larger mitsi. trucks, that maybe it wasn't a mini. I have asked him to supply info on the dealer he purchased the truck from. I know it's in Texas. I'm one of those guys who needs to drive it on the street. From what I've found so far is the slow moving vehicle sign.
    Well, hope this has added something to the conversation. Thanks, Dale
  6. aspaguy

    aspaguy New Member

    Hi Again,
    A bit more info. I talked to the seller this evening and he said the truck has a 4 cyl. diesel. I believe most of these mini trucks are 3 cyl. He also said that he had a regular toyota diesel pickup with a 4 cyl. diesel. Apparantly the toyo diesel is physically much larger than the mitsi diesel. The importer normally imports Hipo? trucks for a specific industry. He brought these in special for the seller.
    Definitely very interesting anyway.
    Thanks, Dale
  7. ddimports

    ddimports Member

    look at that truck it is a piece of junk
    if you want a four door truck from japan buy a old fire truck usually they have under 10000km and in perfect shape! i have imported 6 units already
  8. ddimports

    ddimports Member

    thing to look for
    tire sizes you may not get them here
    the headlight are not DOT approved
    is it 12 or 24 volt system
    the list goes on and on
  9. aspaguy

    aspaguy New Member

    Ok, so post a pic and a price.
    Do the fire trucks have the style these have? What kind of bed. I would assume not diesel, what size engine?

    The Mitsi had a dent in the front valance and some minor rust around the bed fold down hinges, but compared to the mini trucks I've seen around here, thats to be expected.

    I look forward to hearing more about these fire trucks.
    Thanks, Dale
  10. aspaguy

    aspaguy New Member

    BTW, how new are these fire trucks, as I understand it, There is some possibility to title and licence vehicles over 10 years old (as the Mitsi is). 57,000 miles on a 13 year old rig is not all that bad when compared to American vehicles. I can fix a couple of dings if it will help me get the unit on the road.
    Thanks, Dale
  11. ddimports

    ddimports Member

  12. aspaguy

    aspaguy New Member

    firetruck vs Canter guts

    Hello DD imports. The more I researched it the more I suspected it had to be the 2.8. I may still be interested in one though. You say you import them? I would also be interested in learning more about the firetrucks. Are the firetrucks Kie? Is the Canter about the same size as the kie trucks, or are they more like the Isuzu trucks we always see here in the states? What kind of money are we talking for a Fire truck or Canter Guts? Any Idea of mpg for the 2.8 Guts?

    I suppose unless the Firetruck is a kie, we are kind of off topic for this forum. You could e-mail me dirct if need be.
    Thanks, Dale
  13. pudding

    pudding New Member

    they good trucks

    if its a 2.8 diesel 4wd it will be a slug on the road

    the 3.6 and 4.2 went better, the 4wd's are a bit of a slug anyway but great trucks all the same, would be ideal round the farm, watch the radiator

    the 4.2, 4.6 and 5.2 litre versions spend there life as spreader trucks and farm trucks here in new zealand, as 4wd they are not good for off camber stuff, the axles don't occolate well,

    my last work truck was a Mazda T3500 titan, it was a great truck, 2wd, low deck, 3.5litre diesel SL motor,

    bit gutless but honest, drove it hard for years, adventually ran a big end, gave it to a friend, it has a new motor and flat bed now

    i took the service bed (japanese bottle truck body) off it and mounted it on a 1999 toyota dyna with 4.1 diesel (15B motor), front discs and independent front end, fantastic truck, lots of torque, will do 75mph flat out down the road, weights about 8500pounds over the scales, my next truck will be a double cab verison as my personal vehicle, would like to build a 5th wheel for one and lowbed

    mitsi canters, mazda titans (ford trader), toyota dynas (daihatsu's, and some HINO), isuzu NPR's (Nissan Diesel BPR's? i think, Hino Dutro) are all good trucks, the ISUZU motor ends up in the nissan diesels, atlas's and bigger mazda titans,

    one of the better small japanese trucks (bigger then the minitruck) is the Nissan Atlas 150 with the 3.2 nissan diesel motor found in the nivara pickup truck, this engine hauls, and is bulletproof

    reckon my next truck will be a wide cab isuzu NPR
  14. indonesianminiman

    indonesianminiman New Member

    Yes, there are diesel versions, buttloads, in SE Asia

    I just spent two months in Central Java Indonesia.

    About half the vehicles there are diesel. I want to say the engine size is 1.5,
    3 cylinder. Mostly mitsubishi's.

    I am in the furniture import business, but I'm having one of my local indonesian guys check out the used market and viability of importing them.

    Japan may not allow newer kei trucks in diesel, but they sell the hell out of them in indonesia, malaysia and everywhere else in south asia.

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