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1995 Hijet Spark Plugs

Discussion in 'Daihatsu Hi jet' started by zanayr, Sep 15, 2020.

  1. zanayr

    zanayr New Member

    I have a 1995 S110 Daihatsu Hijet van with an EFI 660cc EF-ES single cam engine.

    I've decided to do some general maintenance and replace the rotor, cap, cables and spark plugs. I pulled out of my engine the notorious BCPR6EKD.. and I have no idea what to do. They aren't in terrible shape so I'm not in a rush, just would like to move on to the next item on my list.

    I was able to source the parts at GR Imports, but they must have miss heard me, and sent me the incorrect cap (which works, but has an extra vent hole), cables and spark plugs (BPR6ES-11), so I have a few questions for the hive mind.

    What do you guys use for your spark plugs in an S110 EF-ES EFI engine? I have been back and fourth to the local parts shop three times. I've tried BCPR6E, but without that extra 0.5" spacer (see the attached image) the spark plug is pulled out of my 5/8s spark plug socket while tightening it, leaving it extremely loose.

    The technicians on sparkplugs.com keep emailing me in circles after their initial suggestion of the BCPR6E, and I've looked at the other importers and they all seem to have the same BCPR6E plugs, some even listed as BCPR6EKD!

    I'm frustrated that I can't seem to locate anything that works, I even looked at the exporter Yokohama Motors, and they list them as BCPR6EKD, but the packaging clearly appears to be BCPR6E..

    I've searched this forum and found several people that have had the same issues, RIP Gossimier2004.

    I've found fupabox's PDF of conversion numbers, but my EF-ES has nothing listed.

    I'm frustrated, but still hopeful. I can't be the only person ever to replace a mid nineties S110V EF-ES engine's spark plugs. I just would like some guidance before dropping $80 and waiting six to eight weeks to import what are clearly 3 BCPR6E plugs from Japan in the hope that their image is incorrect.

    Furthermore, GR Imports, after explaining that they sent me the wrong plugs, mentioned that I should only use Deso or NGK plugs, is that true? Can I source a Champion?

    Any good suggestions on spark plug cables?

    I assume the extra vent hole on my rotor cap is a none issue if I cover it up.


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  2. Jigs-n-fixtures

    Jigs-n-fixtures Well-Known Member

    Go to the NGK europe site, and they have a spark plug decoder, which will tell you the heat range, thread size, reach, etc. on the stock plug. Once you know that information, you can come back to the USA site, and figure out what standard plug you can use. BCPR6EKD, is pretty much the same as the BCPR6E, the KD meaning it is a special configuration ground, 3-electrode.

    • Details about NGK bpr6es:
    • Threaddiameter: 14mm
    • Threadreach: 19mm
    • Seattype: flat
    • Hexsize: 21mm
    • Tipconfiguration: projected
    • Construction: Standard construction
    • Terminaltype: Removable

    I think a Champion RN11YC works. The 11 is the heat number, so depending on how it looks after a bit of run time you could try the RN12YC, if the 11 looks a bit too cold.
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  3. zanayr

    zanayr New Member

    Thanks for the reply!!

    Concerning the BPR6ES, the B/BC is the hex/spanner size, and I need the 16mm, which is the BC code, but there are plenty of BC plugs at the 6 heat range. I just need that extra 0.5" riser. Unfortunately BCPR6E is just like the BCPR6EKD, except the different ground and it's 0.5" shorter, pulling itself out of my spark plug socket when I tighten.

    The RN11/12YC looks like it might work, but GR Imports told me to only use Japanese plugs.. unless they are mistaken. Would champions be OK? Has anyone else used champion plugs in their Daihatsu before?

  4. Jigs-n-fixtures

    Jigs-n-fixtures Well-Known Member

    The technical manual for S80LP, S81LP, S82LP, and S83LP, which were the “off-road”, left hand drive versions imported for landscaping and factory use, called for the Champion N12Y.

    Working backwards from the NGK codes, the the heat range comes out as the Champion 11.

    The RN11YC, would be the resistor with a copper core, which makes it less critical on the heat range. The resistor is necessary if you want to have a radio.

    The factory engineers knew that a spark plug doesn’t really have a nationality, and it would be very difficult to procure the home market plugs.
  5. zanayr

    zanayr New Member

    Your authority is all I need, I think a Champion will be fine. I did some more research and found a Denso SK16R11, but not sure if that fatter hex would be enough to tighten it fully.

    I will try out the Champion RN11YC and report back this weekend. :)
  6. zanayr

    zanayr New Member

    Scratch that.. the hex size is 21mm, I require 16mm.. I see they have RC12YC, the first C is the shell type. But they appear to be just like the BCPRE6 and just too short.. I will have to keep looking, but I think you have put me on the right path.

  7. zanayr

    zanayr New Member

    Well, I ordered an thin walled 5/8s spark plug socket and even that is prevented from tightening the plug fully.. Aside from grinding off a ~1mm of material around the end of the socket or having a my friend currently living in Japan mailing me BCPR6EKDs, I'm out of ideas..

    All I need is a plug with that extra spacer like the BCPR6EKD. I guess I will continue to scour the web for something, I will report back when I can find something, if anything.

  8. Steven Stewart

    Steven Stewart New Member

    Did you ever figure out the plug situation? I’m in your boat now…
  9. Roadster

    Roadster Member

    I found a BKR6E-11 NGK works fine, is the right length and you can use a regular 5/8" dep socket on it like the original ones. They run about $3 Canadian each, so quite inexpensive. Mine is not an EF-ES engine but I suspect like Jigs says, if you check the heat range after a short run, it will probably be good...
  10. Steven Stewart

    Steven Stewart New Member

    Thank you very much for the reply. One issue I found is the plugs that I followed the build design came to a bosch plug. When I try to install them it's like my socket can't reach the bottom of the hole. But I will look into these.
  11. MrJPolito

    MrJPolito Member

    If you have an EF-ES fuel injected engine (as on the S110P) you will need the spark plugs that have a longer middle section than normal plugs, which you cannot find in North America at any parts store. I had to order new ones from https://minitruckpart.com/ (Proline Parts) for $28 each ($84 for three plugs). The model is NGK BCPR6EKD.


    Left is NGK BKR6EK, right is the original NGK BCPR6EKD that came with the truck.
  12. Steven Stewart

    Steven Stewart New Member

    10/4 thank you for the response.

    I am on a waiting list to get spark plugs now .

    While I wait I'm trying some I picked up today. I'll report back if they actually work.
  13. Steven Stewart

    Steven Stewart New Member

    Yelp no luck with those either. I will just have to wait untill I can get my hands on the EKD plugs

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