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1994 Mini Cab

Discussion in 'Mitsubishi Minicab' started by Meansealvel, Sep 17, 2013.

  1. Meansealvel

    Meansealvel Member

    Any opinions out there on the 94 Minicab? All i know is that its 5 speed but its low on mileage (48000 KM), just curious if theres anything special i shopuld know, thanks!
  2. Meansealvel

    Meansealvel Member

    Oh k well turns out ill be thw ownder of this truck by sunday so i guess it doesnt matter much at this point:eek: But if anyone sees this and knows do Mistubishi's ever come with Diff Locker? How about the low 4x4 gear.
  3. kioti2008

    kioti2008 Member

    ive owned one for tears and I love it never seen one with diff lock and low 4x4 is awesome good luck post some pic
  4. Meansealvel

    Meansealvel Member

    Cool! Im really glad to hear that the low 4x4 is "awesome"!! I kind of freaked out today when i found out that this Mitsu doesnt have Diff lock or extra low but then i realized that the 4x4 low should be sufficient and Mitsu's rarely if ever have the diff lock or extra low, im not planning on doing any serious offroading, besides beach sand so i think this truck will work.

    Any advice on a lift kit?? I was told today that its not possible to put bigger tires on it without the lift.... Either way ill get some pics up asap.
  5. Meansealvel

    Meansealvel Member

    Is there any difference in lift kits besides the size?!!! Looks to me like there all the same so why not get the cheapest one i can find??
  6. masspilot2004

    masspilot2004 Member

    We build custom lifts for all makes if you are interested please call us my name is Steve 502 640 1225
  7. Meansealvel

    Meansealvel Member

    So i finally got the Minicab in the driveway! Its been cool getting to know her, funky little things. Got a few questions right off the bat, but ill post some pics soon.

    So for starters the damn horn doesnt work, ive told the guy who sold it to me and hopefully he'll get it fixed but can anyone tell me where the horn is and what might be wrong. Supposedly it worked when it passed an inspection not long ago.

    Second question is are all Mincab's 16 Valve? Mine says 16 Valve 4x4 on the tale gate and i was just wondering if they are all the same or what.

    Otherwise i got the stereo out and ill get the new one in soon. I got my sites set on some new speaker areas but still not sure what ill do they're. But i can already tell im going to have fun playing around with this thing! Yikes!
  8. Meansealvel

    Meansealvel Member

    And whats the deal with rear lifts? Do they cause problems? Are they necessary if you lift the front? Im looking at something like these
  9. muddy moose

    muddy moose Member

    Add a leaf is a great way to go. Rides a bit stiffer. By far better than shackles. Unless you over build them like I did Hahaha. You can always put the axle under the springs. That takes a bit of work but is another great way to go. Not all lift kits are the same. The ones masspilot makes are different than just a block ya put in. He is getting my parts soon. Good luck and have fun
  10. Meansealvel

    Meansealvel Member

    Thanks again Moose!
  11. Meansealvel

    Meansealvel Member

    Ok really could use some help here..... short of getting a service manual for this thing within a few days i have no idea what may be wrong with the horn. Ive looked around a bit and havent found anything... there is a smallish cylinder behind the glove box but i cant imagine the horn would b inside the cab! Also very curious about the 16 valve. Thanks in advance!
  12. muddy moose

    muddy moose Member

    The horn should be on the front of the truck. Behind the bumper. Mine only works if you tap on it while holding the horn button down hahaha. Sort of defeats having one. But....... I have one I'm replacing it with Hahahaha. What are you wanting to know about the 16 valve engine? I don't know a whole lot other than mine seems to run great when I can start it hahahaha
  13. muddy moose

    muddy moose Member

    You should be able to find an answer to every question you could dream up in the group here somewhere. Its just knowing how to word it for the search to find what your looking for. I'm constantly reading posts of all kinds. I figure that's the best way for me to learn
  14. Meansealvel

    Meansealvel Member

    Yeah i figured it had to be up front somewhere i just cant seem to find it.... its got to be behind the bumper like you said i just didnt realize i would have to remove the bumper. Started looking for bolts and such but i think ill have to get a service manual, ill need one either way. Any one have any suggestions about which manual is the best???

    As for the 16Valve question i was just wondering if all Mitsubishi's (or all mini trucks for that matter) have the 16valve or not.
  15. Meansealvel

    Meansealvel Member

    Still trying to figure out the search engine, sometimes i find great info but usually its a half hour wasted, but either way reading posts is definitely helpful!
  16. Jim Nelson

    Jim Nelson Active Member

    If you search all posts by Dan who's avatar is the Mits. logo you will learn a lot about your truck.He's not real active on the forum lately but "THE MAN" for Mitsubishi.
  17. Stubby

    Stubby New Member

    I know your thread is old but did you ever find your horn? I have my front bumper off at the moment and the horn is indeed be hid the bumper. It is very easy to remove, you can do it.
  18. TRAX and HORNS

    TRAX and HORNS Well-Known Member

    I see this post as several months old but I'll chime in anyway.
    16 valves ? that works out to be 5.3 valves per cyl. ? I do know that most mini trucks have 6 valves and a few of the s110p Daihatsu's will have 12 valves engines, most 12 valve engines come in the van models and Im pretty sure thats for the added wt. of the extra metal in the van. Gives it a little bit more hp.
    As for the horn there is a screw or nut on the back side that can be adjusted. Sometimes it just needs a good wack and they start working. The inside of horn is a really thin pcs. of metal that vibrates back and forth which makes the sound and sometimes it just gets stuck. I would remove it from truck and hook it up to a 12v source and play with the adjustment nut or screw on back. Very seldom do they go bad. If your horn is bad dont order a new one. Go get a cheap 12v aftermarket horn from any auto store.
  19. muddy moose

    muddy moose Member

    I can't wait to post the pics of my air horns hahahaha
  20. Meansealvel

    Meansealvel Member

    :) Thanks for the support buddy! And yes I did eventually find the horn, as im sure most of you are aware its not very hard to find or replace. And in all honesty im not sure what fixed the problem, I replaced the horn with a comparable napa one and it still did not work, then I think I found a blown fuse which I replaced and it still didn't work, as I remember it at some point it all of a sudden started working and I dint even know why.... It may have been part of my ignition issue too, still not sure but he horn works so ive sort of forgotten about it.
  21. Meansealvel

    Meansealvel Member

  22. Marywilsn

    Marywilsn New Member

    One can always buy add on mini truck parts to get the best performance out of your vehicle. But it is also important to buy them from a genuine supplier.
  23. bobnalleweg

    bobnalleweg Member

    My U42T has a three cylinder engine and yes the horn is behind the bumper (mine does not work either). As for low gear, in 4X4 low you can idle out of any hole you get into. If you try to lift the truck more than 2 inches you will run into problems with the front CV joints.

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