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1993 Mitsu Minicab

Discussion in 'Mitsubishi Minicab' started by Chris76, Sep 19, 2019.

  1. Chris76

    Chris76 New Member

    Kinda new to the forum so I thought i'd show you some progress I've made.

    I picked up a 1993 Mitsubishi minicab with the idea of getting some bigger tires on there and have fun buzzing around town in something different.

    The little guy came with some bald little 145's like everyone else so I got to ordering some parts. I found some tires I liked at Rocky Mountain and they got here in record time. I got the 25x8x12 radials.

    I stuck with 12" as they fit the truck well and I was not looking to put a deep dish quad wheel on.

    I also ordered some progressive springs and lift for the front. I am making blocks for the back and ordered new U-bolts instead of long shackles.

    I installed the springs and got about a 1.25" lift from that. Next I found some geo metro wheels with a width of 4" instead of my 3" stock wheels. Tires mounted up and balanced very nice.

    When I installed the lift and the springs I had about a 3.25" lift and found that to be too much for the short side axle. I removed that and i'm going to rework the strut spacers to around .75" to 1" so that i'm right at 2".

    The fitment show that I need to extend my radius arm to get the wheel centered back into the opening.

    The pics are with the springs only in the front and no lift in the back as of now.

    I'll update once the front and rear are complete.
    20190919_074039.jpg 20190908_141204.jpg 20190919_073959.jpg 20190919_074022.jpg
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  2. punimog

    punimog New Member

    Looks sharp man!

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