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1992 Subaru Sambar

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by subawu, May 12, 2017.

  1. subawu

    subawu New Member

    New guy here, saying hello everyone!

    Ok, so here's the short story. Sort of.
    I was at this farm working on their garage doors and the guy asked if I was interested in buying the little truck belonging to his son that I was looking at for a moment. So, I spoke with his son, heard their story, did a little research, and then made an offer. The guy wasn't difficult to negotiate so we settled fairly quickly on $1,000.

    The story about the machine. It was bought for $6,000 down in South Dakota and brought up here to North Central North Dakota and they used it around the farm. After some time in using it started smoking badly so when they investigated, they found the air cleaner intake tube to the carb was pulled off. So, on those roads which are only dusty gravel roads and pasture land the engine sucked in who knows what. For some reason they thought changing the carburetor would fix some of the problem so they tried to set it up for some old carburetor that looks like it came off a 60's farm truck. They removed linkages, screws, hoses, and other components around the carburetor. It then sat for about 7 years.

    So, here's what I did: Drained the varnish gas out of the fuel tank which must have been half full. Absolutely nasty smelling stuff. Refilled with a can of seafoam and gasoline. I managed to look at pictures online and piece the carburetor, lines, linkages, etc back together. Also, noticed that there are some areas where it got hot and burned right below the carb intake opening. Maybe from a fuel fire near the carb? There are some crispy plastic parts and crusty wires. After getting all this mostly put together, I tried to get it running. It actually does run pretty good, and smokes but, only when spraying fuel into the carb. So, I'm planning to take the carb off and clean it up since there are for sure some plugged jets. Need to change the oil as well. That doesn't smell right either. Many of the rubber vacuum lines are pretty stiff and brittle so planning on replacing those as well. The air filter housing system is pretty cheap and flimsy, air filter is shot. Odd looking setup with these two tubes going into it as well. Thinking of replacing the air intake system with something along the lines of a snorkel system. It has about 57,900 km on it and from the looks of a sticker the oil was changed at 54,800 km back in Japan?? So, 1,926 miles on the oil change.

    List of things to do:
    Take carb off and clean it up, or rebuild/replace?
    Change all fluids...
    Change engine oil (unknown filter/oil type/cap)
    Change transmission/gear fluids (unknown types/cap)
    Change brake fluids (unknown type)
    Fix air filter setup, bent, missing clips, new filter (unknown filter type)
    Finding larger wheels with good tires
    Looking to put receiver on front and rear

    Here is a general video I made of it as well....


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