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1992 acty oil filter

Discussion in 'Honda Acty' started by ddimports, Mar 1, 2008.

  1. ddimports

    ddimports Member

    1992 acty oil filter is there a wix cross over no.
    ran out of my own stock
  2. mr.bbs

    mr.bbs New Member

    I am wondering the same thing, I have heard they are the same as a 92 Honda Civic filter, anyone confirm this for us?


    haulin the beer.....

  3. Stuff99

    Stuff99 Active Member Staff Member

    nice beer wagon! lol
  4. GR.mike

    GR.mike Gold Supporting Member

    it crosses over but I have heard stories about the threads not working quite right and it works its way off over time. I would just take your oil filter in and let tehm match it for you if you want to go that route.
  5. Stuff99

    Stuff99 Active Member Staff Member

    i heard an interesting story from a parts dealer in town. they had a company bring in a filter off some chinese made generators. well no numbers or codes that ment anything so they took measurements, and got the tpi and size of the threads and did a cross reference that way on the stock they have and found a replacement. maybe there is a parts shop like that where you live?
  6. Jakester

    Jakester Member


    I use NAPA 21365 in my '95 ACTY. Information should be in the archives.
  7. Windmill

    Windmill Member

    I have a 92. Used a filter off for a 92 Civic.
  8. MiniTruckSupply

    MiniTruckSupply Gold Supporting Member

    We're with G&R on that one, we're not a fan of cross referencing. Even when they seem to thread up and fit. Had several customers say that the threads may not be deep enough and the filter blows off after pressure build up.

    We offer OE Standard oil filters 4 to a case for $19.99 + shipping.

    Mini Truck Supply, LLC.
  9. Jerry

    Jerry New Member

    1992 acty oil filter#
    Oil Filter Gasket O.D. (Inches) : 2.475"
    Oil Filter Gasket O.D. (mm) : 63 mm
    Oil Filter Height (Inches) : 3.402"
    Oil Filter Height (mm) : 86 mm
    Oil Filter O.D. (Inches) : 2.685"
    Oil Filter O.D. (mm) : 68 mm
    Oil Filter Style : Spin-On Lube Filter
    Oil Filter Thread Size (mm) : 20 x 1.50 mm
    all measurements taken with a digital caliper,seems its the same specs as the japanese import i removed.these filters can be bought at canadian tire for around $6 canadian.
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2014
  10. shogun

    shogun Member

    If that fits:
    Product Details
    Part Number: 3312
    Weight: 0.6 lbs
    Anti-Drain Back Valve: Yes
    By-pass Valve: Yes
    Filter Height (in): 2.95
    Filter Outside Diameter (in): 3.15
    Filter Style: Spin-on Canister
    Filter Thread Size: M20x1.5"
    Filtering Material: Cellulose Paper
    Gasket Material: Nitrile
    Non-slip Grip: No
    Removal Nut: No

    BOSCH 3312 replacement oil filters:
    Autolite for Oil Filters AL3593A
    Baldwin B1444
    Baldwin B7216
    Baldwin B7243
    BIG A 92301
    Bosch 3312
    Canadian Tire 17-1706-8
    Canadian Tire 17-1723-6
    Canadian Tire 17-1741-2
    Canadian Tire 17-1893-0
    CARQUEST 84092
    CARQUEST 85301
    CARRIER TRANSICOLD 25.15038.00
    CARRIER TRANSICOLD 25.35206.00
    CASITE CF402
    CENEX CO2808
    ChampLab PH2808
    CLUB CAR 102703301
    CROSLAND 2071
    DEFENSE DL9688
    DELPHI FX1000
    DEUTSCH D362
    Donaldson P550162
    EVERGARD E2808
    FLAG C-6811
    Fleetguard LF3462
    Fleetguard LF3536
    Fleetguard LF3776
    Flying F PH3593AAZ
    Fram PH9688
    Group 7 V4459
    K & N HP-1004
    KIA 26300-35500
    KIA 26300-35501
    KIA 26300-35502
    KIA 26300-35503
    KIA 26500-35501
    Mann Filter W610/82
    Mann Filter W814/80
    MOBIL M1-104
    MOBIL MO4459
    Motor Trend ML3593A
    NAPA 1301
    NAPA 7092
    ONAN 122-0827
    ONAN 185-5835
    Parts Master 61334
    Parts Master 67092
    Parts Master 81064
    Parts Plus PH2808
    POWER FLO SL14459
    PRO-TEC 183
    Purolator L14459
    Quaker State QS14461
    SECURITY PH-9688
    SECURITY SO-9688
    SELECT 500 L1334
    SHELL SH520
    SHELL SH521
    STP S2808
    WARNER PH2808
    Wix 51344
    Wix 57092
    YAMAHA YF1-58413-24-30
    OE Part numbers matching this oil filter:
    Honda 15410-ZJA-99AH
    Hyundai 26300-35500
    Hyundai 26300-35501
    Hyundai 26300-35502
    Hyundai 26300-35503
    Hyundai 26300-35A00
    Hyundai 26320-2E000
    John Deere M801002
    John Deere M806419
    Kubota 15241-32092
    Kubota 16271-32090
    Kubota 16271-32092
    Mitsubishi MD352626
    Mitsubishi MZ690116
    Subaru 15208-AA130
    Toyota SU003-00311

    FCP has them for $4.95 BOSCH 3312 replacement oil filters:
  11. I have the Car Quest 85365 oil filter on my '92 ACTY HA4
  12. DWils

    DWils Member

    4.5 year old thread bump. I recently installed a Fumoto valve on my 1992 Acty and needed to change the oil filter too. Well, I didn't NEED to, but I did. I was going to use a domestically-similar model to that which is pictured in the service manual, but then I realized that I had two filters for my motorcycles just laying around. I compared them to the old filter and they looked right about the same size, and they were even Honda brand too. I used part 15400-PLM-A02 from my local Honda motorcycles store. I can't remember how much they were, but they can probably be found cheaper online somewhere than in the store.
  13. shogun

    shogun Member

    Good info, most important is this: Filter Style: Spin-on Canister , Filter Thread Size: M20x1.5"
    Here in Japan we have usually 2 version, the difference is just the length of the filter cartridge, maybe the longer one filters better or lasts longer.
  14. patricklearns

    patricklearns New Member

    Quick update on this thread:

    1. NAPA Gold 1358 was an exact match for an OEM I pulled off my 1992 Honda Street G ACTY Van; it was 14 bucks and fits perfectly. The guys at NAPA said don't buy the Platinum version because it's not necessary (overkill essentially).
    2. NAPA 7092 (mentioned above) does not fit at all. So please don't buy hahahaha

    When doing an oil change on a high mileage car, a lot of mechanics recommended that I put a little transmission fluid in with the oil to help clean out the Engine. I also did some studying up on this and it’s only a smart thing to do on older cars. How old I’m not quite sure...if anybody wants to chime in who has done this or can link to another thread....

    Lastly, I used a little Marvel Mystery in the gas tank as well. Also from what I read, something you should only do on older cars. If anybody has any specifics about cutoff on years of when to/not to do this id like to learn more.
  15. matt167

    matt167 Active Member

    drain that oil immediately. Transmission oil has friction modifiers in it, not what you want floating in your motor oil.

    And if your truck has a carburator, then it's safe to put marvel mystery oil in but don't expect it to do much

    It's best to run clean oil and clean fuel and just leave it at that. Some drygas in a colder climate and a bottle of fuel system cleaner every once in a while if it ever sits
  16. patricklearns

    patricklearns New Member

    Hi Matt,

    Most people run it for 50 miles or less and then change it. I think the only risk is running motor too hard and driving for too long with ATF in crankcase. Why drain immediately? Also, I put a very small amount. Probably an ounce or two max.
  17. matt167

    matt167 Active Member

    ATF is an ISO 32 base, which is actually hydraulic oil. It is mixed with friction modifiers which wear the bearing surfaces. I've heard of people suggesting it but it's pretty much accepted as not a good idea.. A solvent based flush might be a good idea, and the old tried and true method is kerosene. Gunk motor flush is a kerosene mixture, but if you add 1/4 of your total volume of kerosene before an oil change and idle for 15 mins it will do the same thing
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  18. patricklearns

    patricklearns New Member

    Thanks that’s super helpful! I ran it ess than 30 miles today and I’m draining it first thing tomorrow. I’ll change the filter as well and put this one down as lesson learned. Appreciate the expertise @matt167
  19. Maximal

    Maximal Member

    ive put ATF in my crankcase on my engines for years, ATF is one of the cleanest oils you can buy and it cleans valves/lifters 10x better than any of the stuff on the shelf at parts stores. most people say to drain 1L of used motor oil a week before you want to change your oil and replace it with 1L of ATF but i always toss 1L in with new oil
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  20. matt167

    matt167 Active Member

    we can agree to disagree. ATF is an ISO 32 base oil with friction modifiers. The friction modifiers are what changes from brand to brand. Yes you can use ATF to free up sticky lifters but 1/4 total fill of Marvel mystery oil, diesel or kerosene would do the same thing
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