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1991 minicab oil weight.

Discussion in 'Mitsubishi Minicab' started by Ciaran_Zagami, Apr 11, 2023.

  1. Ciaran_Zagami

    Ciaran_Zagami New Member

    My Minicab needs an oil change. He's got a 657cc 3G83 Inline 3 and I'm wondering what weight of oil I should use? And roughly how much should be put in.

    Also the coolant seems to have gone stagnant under the previous owner and I'm looking to flush the radiator. My best guess for how to do this would be to pull the drain plug and just run water through it until it comes out clean. Does anyone have any advice for how to flush the radiator?
  2. MikeD

    MikeD Member

    Where are you located, what climate are you in? 5w20 or 5w30 is probably the go-to unless you have the turbo

  3. JeffZ

    JeffZ New Member

    there are some "radiator flush" that you could purchase... but you would need to drain the old stagnant coolant, fill it with the radiator flush, add some distilled water (preferrably).... then run it for a while, let it cool, then drain, and fill it. honestly, it'll get rid of some loose stuff, but stuff that's really caked on, who knows. most would just do what you were planning on doing with like a water hose or if you want to get fancy, get the coolant flush adapter so that you can hook up your garden (water) hose to a heater hose or radiator hose, then open up a drain or remove a hose, and just let it all come out as you have water coming in. get as much of it out as you can, just make sure nothing is clogged and that the thermostat opens up to make it easier (i personally remove it while trying to flush it out)
  4. oscott5

    oscott5 New Member

    This is directly from my owners manual That came with my 92. Minicab with a 3G83.
    5w30 from -30c (-22f)to 10c (50f)
    10w30 from -25c (-13f) to 40c (104f)
    20w40 from -10c (14f) to above 40c (104f)
    In my case 5w30 only covers up to 50°F
    As time has gone by engine manufacturers have gone to using thinner oil because of tighter tolerance is inside the engine. If you look at the chart above that somebody posted it starts at the year 2005 which is probably 15 years or more newer than your engine. I run 10w30. If it’s 100° or more outside I’m not driving my truck it’s too hot.
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2023

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