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1991 DB51T Vacuum / Carb troubles.

Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry' started by Chad Osos, Nov 8, 2019 at 4:15 PM.

  1. Chad Osos

    Chad Osos New Member

    I've already gone through all of the suggested 3-5 threads with most of the info.

    The previous owner butchered my vac setup and took the vac choke off the carb and converted it over to manual choke. I have since replaced the entire carb with a factory replacement - and now I am left trying to repair the carnage left behind.

    My truck is a 91 DB51T, Manual Trans, 4x4 (no diff lock), with a 3+2 carb.

    I seem to be missing an Idle Switch and Vacuum switch. However, I am not sure if my model has one or both of those though, because when looking up replacement parts, they were ID'd for DA51T and DD51T.

    There are 2 vac ports on the engine that are both currently plugged/unhooked. Where do those connect to?

    There is a vac line running from the front of the truck to underneath the driver's seat. I am guessing that is for the front diff? Where is does that connect to and is it even needed? I have a mechanical 4x4 lever, and a push button on the dash. When I pull the lever, it lights up. When I push the lever back down the light stays lit until I push the button & then the light goes off.

    There is currently nothing hooked up to the VSV on the carb #1.
    There is a screw at #3, that allows that whole piece to move up or down - what does that adjust and how is it tuned?

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  2. Chad Osos

    Chad Osos New Member

  3. WendyM

    WendyM New Member

    There is a post here (search Vac lines- I think Don from Japan posted a good one) that shows the vac lines for 96 dd51t...probably close to what you need. also check "desperately needing help" for carb info. Go to suzuki.epcdata.ru/carry if that doesn't work google epc.ru and go that way. Pick your model and you will find parts pics for every sys on your truck (with google translate). also site called megazip has pics and parts (for carb...don't know about vac lines). from your unknown pic 1=accessory idle, 2=choke pull off, 3=choke(throttle plate adjust) But there is a screw to adjust it in behind # 1 actuator on my truck. Your carb is a little different than mine. Go to members or find a post from scanner and go to his profile page, click all posts...read, read, read!! he has tones of good info on carb and lots of other stuff. Hope this helps :)
  4. Chad Osos

    Chad Osos New Member

    Already went through those threads. Unfortunately, it did not help my situation. The diagrams posted were all for 3+2 carbs, which is great as it tells me how to tune the carb - I have that nailed and even adjusted the hidden choke/idle screw, but that does not fix a faulty idle if the vac system is not set up correctly - which seems to be my issue. Unfortunately, the only vac diagrams I have found were for DB51T, or DA51T.

    The diagram I posted is actually a merge of the various diagrams I found online. My truck does not have an "idle switch", and I can't seem to locate a "vac switch", either. I also do not know where that red vac line plugs into on the carb that runs from the "idle switch". I am guessing it goes to the Accessory VSV on the carb?
  5. WendyM

    WendyM New Member

    the use epcdata.ru or megazip...to see if your model originally had the switches in question... beyond that I don't know. Maybe find someone here that has your model/year, they might know.

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