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1989 Suzuki Carry - South Texas

Discussion in 'Mini Truck Sales' started by Modgers, Dec 18, 2019.

  1. Modgers

    Modgers New Member

    89B247AC-2CAD-4086-97CE-AAE17CBEE260.jpeg 3FDC5348-4FC2-4B8E-B8A1-82FFFED33C68.jpeg Hello all!

    Long time lurker, first time poster in this sub-forum unfortunately...need to make room in the garage for something with room for a car seat.

    I imported this 1989 Suzuki Carry from Japan in August. It was my daily driver in Japan to and from work (about a 5 minute drive) for the last year, and I wanted to bring it back to the states to do the same. I’ve got a new baby now, and for some reason my wife won’t let me put her in the passenger seat of this ride.

    It is Texas tagged, and has a brand-new Texas title making it entirely street-legal. At the time of posting this, it has 21,525 kilometers on it, equivalent to 13,375 miles. It’s in fantastic shape due to the required maintenance inspections Japan mandates, and has been a blast to own. It’s a 4-speed manual, with optional 4x4.

    I’m located in the Corpus Christi area and would love to show it to any interested people. Please shoot me a message if you’d like more information, pictures, or details. The pictures were taken back in July right before I had it shipped.


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