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‘93 Hijet Hard Start Humid Weather?

Discussion in 'Daihatsu Hi jet' started by HiJinks, Nov 12, 2022.

  1. HiJinks

    HiJinks Member

    Greetings all. After many searching threads on hard starting issues, Infeel mine is unique. Any help would be appreciated. My ‘93 Hijet sometimes fights to start, smells flooded, but after many, many tries, I keep the pedal floored, and the engine will slowly cough to life. The one constant during these half dozen instances, the weather is rainy and humid. It isn’t really cold, cut coolish above 50 or 60 f. After this hard start, it runs like a champ. What is the deal?
  2. Tripthyme

    Tripthyme Active Member Supporting Member

    I was having (might still be tomorrow will tell) hard cold start (10° f) in the morning. So today I found a vacuum line that I missed wich ran the warm air from the exhaust to the intake flap and a pin hole in my fuel line before the pump. Fixed both and have tested it 2 times this evening in 20°f from a cold engine. Starting great so far. Tomorrow no work but im still going to wake up early just so I can test it again. My point is check your lines, vacuum and fuel. Make sure your choke is not stuck as well. Is yours a s83 , 82 or 85? More info could help others diagnose.
  3. HiJinks

    HiJinks Member

    Thank! S83P. Climber 4x4. No AC. Manual.
    Vacuum lines sound like a good place to start. I will try that soon. I feel like the choke is working because it starts well otherwise.
  4. fmartin_gila

    fmartin_gila Well-Known Member

    How clean is your engine? Possible enough dust on dist cap, coil & such that may absorb enough moisture to draw the spark away from it's proper path. Just food for thought. Way back in 1969 I owned a 64 Datsun that developed that type symptoms. Open hood, give it a good shot of WD40 on the dist cap and it would fire off. Finally found a hairline crack that would draw off the spark when humidity was up.

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  5. HiJinks

    HiJinks Member


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