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‘93 Acty 2” Lift Camber Plate Install

Discussion in 'Honda Acty' started by Mark Niehaus, May 30, 2022.

  1. Mark Niehaus

    Mark Niehaus New Member

    Good morning all. I hope you are having a good day with family and friends.

    Tomorrow, I once again continue working on a 2” lift kit install. I have replaced the old springs with 300 lb. springs and am ready to reassemble the front suspension, whoever:

    ….. my kit does not have instructions and I am not 100% sure which way the camber plate needs to be installed. My best guess is that the driver’s side plate (“L” or”V”) slot direction points rearward (towards the bed) and left (towards the passenger seat/door/shifter), but again, not 100% sure and I don’t want to take everything apart if it’s not correct.

    Does anyone know, have a photo, or instructions showing how this/these plates get installed?

  2. shogun

    shogun Active Member

  3. Mark Niehaus

    Mark Niehaus New Member

    Thanks shogun. I found the same video earlier. He fast forwards how to install/what direction to install the plate, so it is still unknown on how to install it. Thanks again for your help. Once the suspension is completed, I can get an alignment and hit the streets!
  4. shogun

    shogun Active Member

    here is some info, https://robrobinette.com/Honda_ACTY.htm#Lift_Kit mentions only: 2 Inch Lift Kit: Available for $200 on ebay. The kit allows the use of larger diameter wheels and tires but also raises the vehicle's center of gravity making it even more prone to roll over. Lifting the ACTY will also put more stress and wear on the CV (constant velocity) joints so I don't recommend lifting the ACTY. The kit has 2 inch spacers to lower the front struts. In the rear a 4 inch longer spring leaf mount is used on one end of the leaf springs for 2 inches of lift. A 3 inch lift kit is available but extensive modifications must be done to make it fit and it is not recommended. Installing a 2 Inch Lift Kit: Start by removing the front seats to get access to the strut tower nuts. Jack the front of the ACTY using the front center brace. This will bring both wheels off the ground. Use jack stands to hold the front up. Remove a wheel. Disconnect the bracket that holds the brake line to the strut. This will allow you to move the suspension around. Remove the three strut top hat nuts. They are under the driver and passenger seats. An ACTY van will have insulation and/or carpet covering the top hat nuts. When the last nut is off the strut will be able to fall free so be ready to control it. Do not remove the center strut shaft nut. Be careful not to put too much strain on the brake line. You will need to use tie-wraps, a bungee cord, or wire to hold the wheel hub up to prevent brake line damage while you work on the strut. Install the lift spacers. Reinstall the struts by pushing the three spacer studs up through their holes and install the top hat nuts. Reconnect the brake line bracket to the strut. DO NOT FORGET THIS. Do the other side. Inspect your work and verify the brake lines and brackets are secure. Put the wheels back on.

    google search for honda acty 2” lift kit installation, a lot comes up like this vid
    Last edited: May 31, 2022
  5. Mark Niehaus

    Mark Niehaus New Member

    Thank you shogun for your time. It is much appreciated!
  6. shogun

    shogun Active Member

    could you fix it?
  7. Mark Niehaus

    Mark Niehaus New Member

    No. I ran into another issue. I started on the front suspension (300 lb springs and 2” lift) because I knew it would be more challenging . When I got to the rear, the bolts for the leaf spring lift were way to thin. The kit did not supply any tube spacer to make up the difference. Contact the seller.

    The seller asked if I could modify, or sell at a garage sale and accept $90 if I don’t return the kit. Then I was offered $140. Really? Sure, there are Acty’s everywhere and they all want a lift kit that doesn’t work.

    Long store short, I kept the Summit 300 lb springs and returned the 2” lift kit for a “full refund”.
  8. Agelai

    Agelai New Member

    Where did you buy them from? So we don’t make the same mistake
  9. Mark Niehaus

    Mark Niehaus New Member

    I purchased it from eBay. The rear shackle bolts are too thin, compared to the original shackle/bolt combination. It would be like putting a 7/16” bolt into a 3/4” hole. Way too much play! The kit does not include any kind of (tube type) spacer to slide over the thin bolt to make up the difference between the thinner bolt and larger hole. Also, the shackle bolts are really long (about an inch longer than necessary).


    View attachment 20810

    Just an FYI. When I installed the front 2” lift and the Summit 300 lb springs (part number: AFC-23300CR (cost $139/pair)) it gave me just under a 4” overall lift (from 23” to 27” from ground to wheel well). Too much in my opinion. The springs gave a 2” lift all on their own.
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  10. Agelai

    Agelai New Member

    Do you think a lower weigh spring would of been better then? I would think you’d only want a one inch lift from the springs at most.
  11. Mark Niehaus

    Mark Niehaus New Member

    The springs work well over speed bumps (does not bottom out) with 220 lbs in the drivers seat. The springs are the same length/height as the ones I replaced, so I believe the old, weaker springs were a bit worn out to start with.

    My Acty stands (at the center of each wheel well):

    Front: 25”
    Rear: 25-1/2

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