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Feb 28, 2009
Feb 15, 2008
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V.I. BC Canada

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Moderator, from V.I. BC Canada

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Feb 28, 2009
    1. charlie cagle
      charlie cagle
      I am new to this can anyone give me the breakdown to a sambar truck k4 660 motor
    2. TerikImports
      Hi Timetripper..... Would you know of a way I could get ahold of "strange" ?? I see no contact me option.... I'd like to see if he has a picture of the headlight mod he did on his sambar with the composite headlights.... I am importing mini trucks and need to do the mod... Thanks Rob rjantz@airenet.com www.terikimports.com
    3. mini vinny
      mini vinny
      any chance you got 2no. rear wheel cylinders for a 1992 KV3?
    4. bulen24
      I have a Subaru sambar and I see you have one with diff lock. Does anyone out there make an after market diff lick for the sambar's?
    5. ccrn2
      hey tripper, need some assistance/ advice. you have a lot of good info on here. im new to the forum. i have a 94 sambar and was in the process of rebuilding my brake calipers (reading your post, thanks for that). decided i would try to remove my rotors and go have them turned. problem is i can't seem to get them off. the main nut in the center of the rotor is stuck. there is a flange that is bent in but i have that straight. can't get it to break free, let it soak over night with WD40 still no results. its probably something simple. its not reverse thread is it? thanks for your help in advance.
    6. Sledstand
      Time tripper, unable to post need assistance....
    7. Sledstand
      Trip, need your assistance...unable to post... I want to post in "Wanted"...need roll bar/headache rack for my Suzuki Carry 1991 DB-51T
    8. Northern Tire and Auto
      Northern Tire and Auto
      Just wondering why I can't post in the "Trucks for Sale" section? Says access denied.

    9. RicePaddy
      If you weren’t the moderator that approved my Water Pump Pipe/Thermostat Hose Replacement; please look at it and give some feed back, I’m new to the forum and want to make good worthwhile contributions.

      The attached JPEGS may be small, let me know.

      Have a Happy New Year

    10. ajith6972
      sir , i have mitsubishi mini cab manual gear ,over heat problem , i remove new radiator cooling fan but problem same, thomostat ok.with ac on runnig fan no problem, but with out ac cooling fan not work
      how to change temprechure sensor

      manu: year :-2002
      eng:-3g83 (E.F.I)
      model :-u 61v
      thanx, give me a good solution...

      my e mail:- ajithelectronic@msn.com
    11. Mighty Milt
      Mighty Milt
      hey trip...

      what's happening man? haven't seen you online in a couple weeks now... is everything ok?

    12. smokeyboyz
      how can i post a new thread
    13. stadlgi
      You do realize the cheap gas prices are really only a temporary situation. The bottom will drop out again and we'll be moaning and groaning because we can't afford to drive our Escalades anymore. Well, the solution is not hard. We need to push whatever road
      authorities into legalizing the mini-truck. Maybe not on an open road, for now, but secondary routes surely and in the towns. Some areas are authorizing golf carts for crying out loud, so why not? But we have to do the pressuring. And this should be the start of the pressuring season.
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    V.I. BC Canada


    '91 Subaru Sambar SC KS4 c/w Diff Lock :)
    Dyno'd at 69 HP@ Rear Wheels 61.5 ft/lbs torque:cool: