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May 21, 2019 at 5:37 AM
Aug 18, 2008
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May 21, 2019 at 5:37 AM
    1. rmay635703
      Albeit a bit late, I would recommend emailing me so I respond a little faster. Technically you can't register it legally. But if you don't care I would try one of 2 things,
      1. Buy an OLD inop/incomplete/motorless Subaru 360 Sambar from 1970 (which was legally sold here and do a little magic so yours appears to be it with its licensable title. (I doubt anyone really knows what it should look like, just register as hobbyiest to be safe and make sure you end up with the right vin and serial)
      2. The guy that sells Miles ZX40's in Ohio (cant remember who he is at the moment but can eventually get you info if you email) can get real license plates on your vehicle if you sell/rebuy from him and go through title/retitle. Since he prefers electric daihatsus a little payola would help.

      good luck
    2. joe
      I live in Wausau WI and brought home a 1990 Subaru Sambar yesterday. I was hoping to get it titled for street use. I have a title from South Dakota but the body type is listed as ATV, i think my first attempt is just to fill out a title app and list the type as truck and see what they say. Any tricks or tips you used on titling yours? i know you have electric and it falls under that goofy federal law though.
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