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Aug 28, 2017
Jun 2, 2008
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Edmonton, Alberta
what ever my boss tells me to do.

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Member, from Edmonton, Alberta

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Aug 28, 2017
    1. blakkmoon
      I know you sold your truck a while back.
      ( btw it looked REALLY nice )
      But it looks like you are still active in here.

      You had put in new

      Front springs
      Front struts
      Front brakes
      Ball Joints
      Tierod ends

      I would like to know
      Where did you get all the parts??

      I need to find struts and springs
      Just wondering if you found equivalent replacements or if you had to order something from one on the sponsors/dealers

      in either case, please let me know details if you don't mind
    2. sockeye
      Hi, I saw a while back that you had a 89 Honda acty, I have the 89 Honda Acty Street Van but no English manual. Just wondering if you have one. Ours is the 550 engine and the only manual I can find is for the 660 which even the seller admits wouldn't be useful to me as far as the engine goes. I'm also wondering if anyone has changed the engine from 550 to 660 or if that is a complicated problem. thanks
    3. gilalwin
      Sorry, you had said to go to Cdn tire etc in Edmonton. I got a steering wheel but no-one can tell me which installation kit I need? Have you changed your steering in your Sambar?
    4. lee
      did you end up tracking down some springs and struts?
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    Edmonton, Alberta
    what ever my boss tells me to do.
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    Superior Design and Mfg.
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    CNC Mill and Lathe
    46 years old, had over 130 vehicles since I was 16

    Electric vehicles (my motorcycle), mud draging (cmro.net Steves Toy and Danish Dragon), car resto