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Mar 30, 2009
Sep 15, 2007
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Mar 30, 2009
    1. charlesac64
      Hello. I have 1995 Suzuki Carry that I bought last April and saw your photo with Blackline snow plow. How do you like it? I have been researching on it two different brands Meyer and Blackline. Do you have any problems with Blackline? The reason why is because the older version Blackline is weaker than the new version Blackline. The seller says Meyer is much stronger as heavy duty snow plow, but it is more expensive than Blackline. $3,449 dollars. I used to own 2005 Polaris Ranger with Warn snow plow that I sold last week and did not have any problems with Warn snow plow. Let me know before I can make decision, so I can be prepared for this winter. Charles C.
    2. Islander 95 Suzuki
      Islander 95 Suzuki
      Nick: I have a 1995 Suzuki Carry Minitruck. I've had some difficulty getting parts. Through friends, I've gotten three references for WWW parts sources: KingcobraParts.com (Chade Hite), MiniTruckPartsPro.com, and PartsGeek.com. I saw your good comment about Chad. Could you tell me anything more about my best parts source? One problem is that my vehicle is listed as a "DJ 51 T", but you don't find this mentioned in any of the catalogues; for the most part, it's "DD 51 T".
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