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Jul 17, 2020
Jun 3, 2013
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New Member, from Cochrane, Ontario, Canada

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Jul 17, 2020
    1. Machster50
      Hi Spaner:
      insurance, again!
      i went with facility to get through the fall season, parking the mini now till the spring.
      Have had not luck at all with over 10 companies... where do you find insurance?
    2. Machster50
      Hi Spaner - i work at the townhall next to the court house
      On vacation next week but keep in touch!
    3. spaner
      Naw, I live in the big Tim, where I drink my Tim's, he, he..
      Gonna be tearing through the big C in a few days, got to go up to the court house.
      I'll stop in at Tim's while I'm there, with the truck, for my T&T, can't say for sure when though cu'z O work.
      Got'a get some highway miles on the truck too, just to clean it out a bit..;)
    4. Machster50
      Hi Spaner
      Finally found the messages section!
      Sorry for not replying sooner
      Great to hear youre in the area - Falls i gather?
      Been putting a lot of bush miles on it recently.
      No moose yet this year.
      Ordering a new fuel pump cause mine is cutting out - fuel not being sent at times and got stranded a few times. It started to leak on top
      Will get this out on the message board and start my "project"
      Yeah - we need to get together
    5. spaner
      Hey, you're my neighbour, cool.
      I go up to detour with the truck all the time via the iroquois back road. Monsters up there @ hopper.

      We'll have to get together some time for a tim's ;)
    6. spaner
      Nice black bear, I usually shoot moose but bear's good too ;)
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