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Aug 19, 2018
May 8, 2008
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Aug 19, 2018
    1. steve_nagoya
      Your load must be landing soon!
    2. lee
      Hey Kepow,

      Thats spooky stuff i just read in your post. That was honestly my biggest fear, except i had about 3 times as much borrowed money on the table and i'm just a young guy. Sounds like you did you research and they came highly recomended, which i did as well. I remember calling up references from all over central america and the USA. My relationship with my supplier is incredible, but seeing your frustration on the message board brought back all those same things i lost a little sleep over the night i sent my first money wire. best of luck man.

      Where in Alberta are you?

      Lee Creech
      The Mighty Hamster Wrangler
    3. wall
      Kepow : Feeling for you.

      We are an importer ( canadianminitrucks.ca).

      You may get some help from someone like the Japanese Embassy - I will talk to my partner and see what he recommends.

      Is it someone from Japan who is the holdup - or is it a Canadian who you are dealing with?

      I hate to say this - but in these troubled times with the US and minitrucks, there will likely be some Japanese suppliers shutting down - leaving some guys hurting.

      Likely best to get onto it fast and active - see if you can put some fear into someone.

      As I said, I'll talk to my partner and see what he says.

      ------- Rod ------
    4. oldsnowman
      i am from edmonton alberta
    5. greg0187
      The lift is working great. I've used the truck several times on some rough trails, even got some heavy wheel hop without breaking anything. I used a 3" off the rack lift and a 4 inch body lift. Although the body lift is only for the front, the rear is all suspension.
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