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Oct 13, 2021
Jan 23, 2008
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NW Florida

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Oct 13, 2021
    1. masspilot2004
      Hey there I am a new owner of a 1993 suzuki carry you seem to know alot about these things and wonder if you would not mind giving me a call for some reason it just stopped running my name is steve and I am hoping maybe you might have some insight.
    2. Gregkabob
      Sorry not to have responded sooner. I just got back and logged on. I have a 93 carry. Just put new imported from Japan road tires on it. It runs real nice on the road now and works great around the farm
    3. jtpc
      Hey Gregkabob, what kind of truck do you have? Have you been enjoying it on the roads? You should join our Oklahoma group on here.
    4. bigred
      sometimes you can find the 12s at walmart
    5. wayner
      Thanks for the quick reply, I'll check it out this morning.
    6. Gregkabob
      Thanks and please do let me know when you hear something and I'll do the same. Your going to lift the body off the frame? I'm learning there's a bit of a problem going over 2" using the spacers. I know some have lowered the transfer case to keep the angles down on the axels. 12" road tires are really hard to find and I might have to to 13's.
    7. jtpc
      Sure thing, I'll let you know when I hear more. As for your tire/wheel situation: I am having 14" wheels put on so that I can have a better selection on tires that will be more on/off road. The tires for the 12" wheels tends to be only offroad, soft rubber that wears down quickly. 14" wheels allows you tires that would normally be on cars/small trucks. Mine will have a 4" body lift to allow for the larger wheels/tires.
      Oh, and I am located in northeast Oklahoma. Claremore, which is northeast of Tulsa.
    8. jtpc
      Hey Greg, I'm a fellow Okie and can't wait for the law to take effect. It is too early to know the exact steps/paperwork to register them, but I was told by Rep Don Armes' assistant that come closer to November the tag agency should have some information.
      Don't have my truck yet, but will hopefully in about a month or so.
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