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Mar 29, 2024
Oct 17, 2007
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Mar 29, 2024
    1. marlo mini truck
      marlo mini truck
    2. marlo mini truck
      marlo mini truck
      Hello don in Japan. Marlo here can you email me the translated info for carb. I have a 1992 Suzuki carry it won’t stay going and I think it’s either a vacuum hose or carb
    3. Okiefirefighter
      Hello Don! I saw your post on carb adjustment. Can you email them to Kevinlputney@yahoo.com
      Thanks in advance!
    4. Sasquatch514
      Hello Don-in-Japan from a post you stated "I have translated carb adjustment diagrams for the Carry if anyone wants them, PM an Email address. sasquatchsoaps@gmail.com thanks!
      1. marlo mini truck likes this.
      2. marlo mini truck
        marlo mini truck
        Marloandjay@outlook.com. I’d love to have this info as well. Blessings to you Don in Japan!!
        Apr 13, 2024
    5. Robert
      Hello don I have a Dd51t could you please email me info on how to adjust my carburetor,my email is bevans1962@yahoo.com Thank you
    6. 509er
      Hello Don-in-Japan ...from a post you stated "I have translated carb adjustment diagrams for the Carry if anyone wants them, PM an Email address."

      Available? Have a '92 Carry Dump,VIN: DD51B105001. I like being prepared. I am new to minitrucks.com but I find your posts to be very informative.
      Direct email: donmorrisey@gmail.com
    7. WendyM
      hi Don, do you have reference sheet for 1996 Suzuki Carry dd51t f6a... bennettb@mymts.net Thanks
    8. goldstar
      Hi Don.
      Out of Province Inspection rules have changed here in Alberta and RHD vehicles are now required to have LHD headlights to pass certification.
      Do you have a replacement option for a 1993 Honda Acty with sealed units?
      1. Don-in-Japan
        Sorry didn't see this until now. I assume they are the round type, since you said sealed beam?
        Jul 14, 2019
    9. Shaun
      Hi Don, If you do still have reference sheets, could I get one for a 1995 Hijet S110p? Email is jedbent@gmail.com. Thanks
    10. Koyotekiller
      hey Don still have refrence sheets? if so please email me koyotekiller@yahoo.com i have carry 88 F5a engine DB71T thanks !!
    11. VanOne
      Hi, if I could please have reference info you have for a 1995 Suzuki Every emailed to: miraanohebi@gmail.com
      Thank you very much. Great to see someone so dedicated to the world of Kei trucks/vans giving people all the help they need.
    12. R.J. Lowe
      R.J. Lowe
      could you send me a copy of your carb adjustments to lowe@midrivers.com thank you very much mine is a 93 carry. R.J.
    13. jason lawyer
      jason lawyer
      i purchased a 91 mitsu u42t . it developed a flooding condition. he tore into and found dried and cracked o rings . an overhaul kit solved the flooding issue. i got about an hour out of it and now have a new problem. truck will start and idle but trying to give it gas it falls on its face and stalls. if you pump the pedal fast it will run. if the engine is under a load it runs good. HELP
      1. Lone Rider
        Lone Rider
        I was stranded once like this. Exactly the same. Pump the pedal fast and you can keep it going. I felt like a fuel problem. A mechanic stopped on the road to help me and he said he'd worked on lots of them. He said it was fuel for sure. I fought with it for a long time off and on between projects. Turned out it was ignition the whole time.
        Aug 15, 2015
      2. Lone Rider
        Lone Rider
        Changed cap, rotor, plugs and wires and was great. Happened again a year later. Cap, rotor, plugs & wires fine. I must not have had coil wire completely pushed in because the coil burnt up where you put the wire in. Check ignition. '92 Carry though.
        Aug 15, 2015
    14. Aligator
      Don...I need to also have your carb adjustment pages. 92 Suzuki DD51T. .... THANKS!
      Pls e-mail to me... aligator1957@sbcglobal.net
    15. Don-in-Japan
    16. MerlinMerkur
      Don, could you send the Suzuki Carry carb adjustment specs to f22mzr@yahoo.com ?
      Thanks in advance. Mine is a 96 3cyl, 660cc. Rebuilt it this weekend, still keeps fowling the durn plugs.
    17. groomsd
      Don I have a 1990 suzuki carry f6a engine i need the sheets on the carb if you have them please send to www.kingdgg@gmail.com thanks!
    18. G1LB3RT
      Hi! I can't find the diagram on the photo galleries...do you happen to have it still on your pc?


    19. wagkelly
      i would like have a copy of carb settings thanks kelly
    20. gopee
      Hi Don - would love to get a copy of these pages - I have a '92 carry DD51T - I can't seem to figure out where your gallery is.
      Thanks - Jeff
    21. Sheperdale
      was hoping to get the card settings
    22. Sheperdale
      I was hoping to also get the settings for the carb. 92 suzuki
    23. 47etep
      Don- thanks a bunch. I'll see if I can figure out how to slow the idle down now. 47etep in sunny Tucson.
    24. 47etep
      I would like to find your carb sheets in the photo section but darned if I can do it! Give me a hint please. Thanx, 47 etep
    25. dmwurtz
      Could you please send me the files for a Suzuki Carry


      Many Thanks
    26. kidgadget
      Hi Don,

      Please send the carb files to ve2psq@sogetel.net

      Thanks, kidgadget
    27. Dara Graham
      Dara Graham
      I don't understand how to get the sheets. How do I get to your photo gallery??

    28. dhetman
      I am a technician here in Canada and we started selling these may I request the carb adjustment sheets you have and send them to dhetman@awink.com thanks in advance Dennis
    29. Don-in-Japan
      Hope they help, and hope I didn't send them more than once. I'm forgetful.

    30. pegleg78
      Hey Don, thanks again for those files.

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