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Jun 13, 2024
Jan 31, 2008
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Las Vegas, NV
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Member, from Las Vegas, NV

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Jun 13, 2024
    1. Mark Peeples
      Mark Peeples
      Dan are you still here?
      1. Dan
        I haven't had the mini trucks for a while now but, still get a random inquiry from the forums. What's up?
        May 9, 2022
      2. Mark Peeples
        Mark Peeples
        Am following your old posts regarding mini trucks. Found your knowledge golden. I purchased a minivan tuned it up . It had bad gas. Flushed it etc but it only runs for 5 seconds or so then runs out of gas. I hate to take apart the carb for cleaning. Hoped that barrynan b12 would work : ) I guessing no though. Thanks for your reply.
        May 10, 2022
    2. victorb153
      .I have a 1989 Mit Bravo Supercharged AC.aero roof.It came with an extra carburetor and I need to get rebuilt. the one running on it isnt idling mechanic had it for 2 months and didnt fix and charged me 800$. and when I got its back the engine light is on..so where is a good place to send the carb to be rebuilt.I am in Rhode Island T
    3. Marc Shepard
      Marc Shepard
      Hi dan...heard you were the guru for early Mitsubishi minis. I have a 1987 LHD 3speed 4x4. I desperately want to remove or bypass the govenor as its limited to 25mph. Is there an easy fix? My model# is U15TOHPD.
      Engine : 3G81
      Ext: w74
      Transaxle: V3M11 7166
      Option: 01UE03
      1. Dan
        Sorry, I dont get notified for posts on my profile. The governor is complex. Three systems work together through the ecu. Time delays, Reed switches, solenoids, pump relays, all intertwined with eachother. All of which are integral. I pulled out the ecu and abandoned the wires to it, the carb solenoids, coil, distributor and fuel pump. Rewired them all independant of eachother with key-on power.
        Apr 18, 2020
    4. Guy
      Hello dont know much about these little trucks
      But I do know I have a mitisibishi 3 speed that hits max speed of 25 slow mph not 4x4 it’s 2 wheel drive
      An was thinking about the governor is anyone out here familiar with the type I’m referring to by chance
      does it happen to be the same as 4x4 with the diode on speed o box / cable any help would be nice Thanks
    5. chris allen
      chris allen
      hi dan I have timed my 3g81 30 times, with in an hour it is out of time AGAIN,,,,,Any suggestions
    6. Erock
      Hi , Dan im a new member and a new proud owner of my U14L with a 3G81 / 3 speed 2 wheel drive mitsubishi mini cab. I see you have a few of the same trucks. My truck is not a looker but a great project for my hunting buggy. I have been searching all over the web for parts with no luck, Looking for a clutch kit to start my func. repairs and then im on to my hyd. lift/dump the motor and pump work but have to jumper solenoid to activate. The list goes on. Wondering if you have any connections on parts. Thanks for your time
    7. BC1
      I can't remember how to post?
    8. BC1
      What does this mean? U42T 3G83
    9. Jonnybilt
      Hey Dan would you have a 3g81 3g83 kicking around or any info on how the vacuum lines are routed on them thank you
    10. towdady
      please help i got a 89 mitsubishi mits and im getting no spark can anyone point me in a good direction and where to get parts any help would be great thanks to all
    11. insl8er
      Dan my name is Kurt I was wondering if you know if any one is making limited slip diff. kits for the front and back of mini trucks anymore? I talked to Allen and he said he was no longer making them. I have a 92' suzuki autozam DB51T. Thanks Kurt
    12. Jonnybilt
      Hey Dan do you know the best way to go about dealing with a 550 mits burning oil it's my first mini thank you jb
    13. toddk
      Hey Dan hoping to pick your brain. Just rebuilt 1989 mits 550 supercharged 3banger. Motor runs fine till 4th and 5th gear. Motor looses power in top gears. I saw post about timing that's what I used to put motor together. I'm trying to figure out if the timing is off or maybe it's a carb / vacuum problem. Saw one post about loss of power and timing off by one tooth. I didn't think engine would run so smooth if timing was off. Need second opinion before I tear back into it. I have replaced big vac hoses no help?
    14. renchjeep
      Dan--just bumped up my ignition timing, don't know how much, but no pinging, so still in the OK range? Now the idle is too high. Is there a way to bring the idle down? By the way, she runs like a raped ape now!!! (I guess if you were an ape, and got raped, you would run pretty fast? Don't know where I got that saying from, but it somehow applies.) Unreal power gain!
    15. 1gasman
      Hey Dan,just picked up a 93 mighty mits,model # u15l0hpdl2m - eng # 3g81.I'm looking for a gas tank & sending unit.Let me know if you can help.thanks Brad
    16. renchjeep
      Nevermind on the 5 speed! I was just fooling myself into beleiving that one. Now that I have the carb back--they could not find parts, so I disassembled and cleaned it myself--I realize that I only have 3 forward gears. Wishfull thinking, I guess. Anyway, truck runs great, carb works (almost) perfectly. Now to deal with that speed governor........any easy way to do that? I think I saw a post of yours about a speedo cable reducer box. How would you like to make another one of those? I don't think I have the ability.
      1. Marc Shepard
        Marc Shepard
        Hey jeep I'm having the same issue with the governor. Any fixes on yours? Mines a 3 speed but does it actually have 4 or 5 gears?
        May 14, 2019
    17. Dopey454
      would the carb and starter from a 660 work on a 550
    18. renchjeep
      Dan--My minicab is still down--carb still at shop, no word from them yet--but I was reading some older posts of yours and the 3, 4, or 5 speed tranny issue. My gearknob is marked for 3+R, but I seem to be able to engage 5 plus reverse! When I roll the truck back and forth, all the gears spin the engine over, with varying degrees of difficulty. There is a "5MT" cast into the right side of the trans near the speedo cable. I think I have a functioning 5-speed!
    19. renchjeep
      Dan--looking to find the year of my mightymits! Any way to tell? Also looking for some parts--windshield, carb, tune-up stuff, etc.

    20. Dan
      The timing still applies at 6'. The original ignitor had about 40' of retard built into it. thats why i turned the rotor 180 and moved the plug-wires one terminal. I couldn't turn the distributor enough to compensate for the new ignitor without getting the rotor pointed nearer to the next tower that is going to fire. your timing light is accurate if its not finding the mark for about 40'. you're too advanced righht now. It will run but not have any top-end torque. flip the rotor and move the wires one tower and you should be just out of the range for the locking bolt to hold the distributor in place. you'll be able to hit the correct advance and the truck will power through the higher rpm's better.
    21. Craigy
      Dan, I am still messing with the timing on the truck. The original ignition timing calls for 6' BTDC +-2'. Is this still correct? Or did that go out the window when I ripped out the original ignition system. Reason I am asking- I am using an advance timing light. Set the dial to 6', but the mark on the flywheel does not show up until I advance the light to around 34-40'. I was telling my buddy about this and he said something is wrong. He thinks I have something weird going on. I still need a new dist. cap and rotor, but have replace the plug wires. Also, right now the pick up coil is back in the original position. I had it rotated 180', and moved it back to check the timing. Something else I was wondering about, do your distributors have points or (electronic?) pick up coils? I went out for a ride today, truck runs fairly well. Probably need to adjust the valves too. Thanks again for the help.

    22. Craigy
      Dan, I just picked up my first mini. The owner lost the key so I stopped by Auto zone and picked up a Universal ignition switch. I dont think that the switch that was on it was wired correctly. I have 5 wires Im trying to connect to the new switch. Black, black/white, black/yellow, blue, and blue/red. Im pretty sure the black one goes to the battery terminal, black/yellow goes to solenoid. I do not know which one goes to Ign. Im guessing the last two go to ACC. Word is, you are the man when it comes to MITS.


    23. swainplane
      Hey Dan, having problems with a u42T, 3G83 engine, will not run, trying to spit back through the carb, timing seems to be ok. Any suggestions
    24. cac0402
      Dan, does the 2 to 1 reduction box work on the mighty mits?
    25. 93mit
      Dan, did you ever think about taking orders and having that 2 to 1 reduction box built and sold on this forum? would be a nice service for us and could be a good way to earn some extra cash. thanks. crp 573-722-5042
    26. 93mit
      Dan,i don't check my e-mail very often,kids, you know. truck is running fine now thanks again. i do seem to have a clunking in transfer though if i swap transmission for a 4 or 5 speed will it bolt up from a 660 and will only certain years only work? thanks again. crp
    27. 93mit
      Dan did the m/o that I sent you arrive? thanks again crp
    28. 93mit
      Dan i'm looking for a seed control box K8T52471 for my 93 lhd mit its the box on pass side behind glove box any ideal where a new comer might find this? many thanks crp
    29. mntmanlost
      Dan, Was wondering if you still had the windshield , ingnition key setup, door panel, starter, and carbs for mitsubishi, diahautsu, and cushmans. Looking for the brake drums front for a diahautsu 4x4 too. I think I saw a post where you had some information on the mitsubishi 4G83 engine,which is in the CMC Tiawan made cushmans Thank You Keith P.S. Just up the road from you in Beatty Nevada
    30. Lowtechredneck
      Dan,I saw where you had some tailgate hinges a while back.Ineed a pair for my 94Mit.If you still have them I'm definately interested.
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