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New Profile Posts

  1. web365ster
    With God all things are possible
  2. Michael rehak
    Michael rehak Jigs-n-fixtures
    Need internal parts and spring for 86 Suzuki carry db71t with manual hubs from factory any one have one or point in the direction in witch to find one
  3. Sailboat
  4. My58
  5. Jason Symmons
  6. Tripthyme
    2x covid surviver!
  7. 859trader
    Looking to buy used 4 dr mini truck?
  8. Cowboyboose
    My truck won’t change from high idle. I can manually vacuum it down to low idle but it won’t do it on its own. Any suggestions
    1. RonnieB
      Does it start up at this high idle? What model?
      Nov 5, 2022
  9. Robin Rhodes
    Robin Rhodes
    Hi I am in Wyoming looking for help finding a rear drive shaft for a2000 suzuki carry mini van pn.27102-79d003
  10. ed nap
    ed nap Traindriver
    Hi, I am in NY. Trip Thyme sids to contact you to see if his $wd controller that he sold you actually worked in your instalation? I am also truying to locate a good used 4WD controller for my rig.
    1. Traindriver
      Yes it worked but it does not support the difflock. If you don't have that you are good to go. Mine does, so I am going to put a toggle switch in to activate it.
      Nov 15, 2022
  11. morningwood
    morningwood charlesshoults
    i insured mine as a commercial vehicle that seemed to work and was cheep
  12. morningwood
    morningwood fmartin_gila
    hay Fred I'm just getting back to it after surgery how you been ? i just got a roof rack on and some rims i will be having the shop lift it 2'' tomorrow and having it aligned I'm still looking for a half camper they are so hard to find here. how are things over there on the island?
  13. MrDaddy
    1991 Honda Acty M-HA3 2WD
  14. moo
    moo Acerguy
    Hello. I made a mistake with my birth date when I signed up for this forum. My correct birth date should be March 8th, 1962. Sorry for the error Moderator.
  15. Stephen Rodgers
    Stephen Rodgers
    1996 Acty Attack, air conditioning!
  16. Chuck SouDak
    Chuck SouDak
    New here. Bought a 2000 Suzuki Carry automatic trans from GR Imports. So far so good.
  17. OgKEI
    Hey brotha are you still offering soldering repairs for the daihatsu trans capacitors ?
    1. DEG95DH
      I never was offering that. Thus, it's impossible for me to still be offering! ;) I only offered to one member because (1) he had contributed a ton to the eventual solution, (2) he had butchered his, so I was willing to experiment with his with nothing to lose, and (3) I knew he had the same computer, so it would be easy for me to test my work.

      Is your computer the plastic one or the metal one?
      Oct 12, 2022
  18. jblueridge
    1996 Hijet S110P Super D-Lock all stock.
  19. morningwood
    morningwood dwlb
    What roof rack you have and how is it installed
  20. John Nichols
    John Nichols
    After searching around, I was finally able to insure my Kia as a commercial vehicle with State Farm for $300/yr.
  21. John Nichols
    John Nichols
    Owner of a 2002 Kia Metro Micro Truck- 2WD with 18,000km licensed and registered by DMV and the City of Avalon.
  22. Suzsicky
    Suzsicky Jigs-n-fixtures
    Hi, has anyone here done a f6a turbocharged engine swap on a 90’s carry?
  23. Don Bayly
    Don Bayly
    2022 Hijet automatic 4wd with diff lock and low dump.
  24. A-O-KEI
    No can do... busy driving
  25. Oiwa
    Oiwa Jamison Lure & Fly
    Hi there!

    I hope you are doing well and in good spirts.

    My name is George, I live in Long Beach and I seem to have lost the key for my 1993 DC51T.

    Gently inquiring if you'd you be willing to offer insight on how I could find a replacement?

    Thank you for being generous with your time and attention.

    With candor and kindness,

    1. Meesho
      If you have zero keys. The easiest is to remove the drivers side door lock cylinder. Take it to a local locksmith. They will be able to make a key with it. Should be around $15 + few dollars per key.
      Sep 8, 2022
  26. morningwood
    morningwood Bert Stevens
    your truck is a very cool color i just got the attack i had it wrapped i am very happy with it yours looks good bud
  27. morningwood
  28. 01subaru
    Hello I was needing to see if anyone had any help on finding parts for my 1999 Daihatsu Hijet S210P
  29. Eiger
    I sold my Every, so I'm no longer a mini vehicle owner. Best of luck to everyone here!
  30. Eiger
    I sold my Every, so I'm no longer a mini vehicle owner. Best of luck everyone here!