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New Profile Posts

  1. Koyotekiller
    Koyotekiller Don-in-Japan
    hey Don still have refrence sheets? if so please email me koyotekiller@yahoo.com i have carry 88 F5a engine DB71T thanks !!
  2. Koyotekiller
    got my F5A DB71T running pretty good just a few lil adjustments to get perfect!! thanks to minitruck talk!!
    1. Koyotekiller
      Mar 4, 2018
    2. Koyotekiller
  3. davespts
    Hello Everyone, Dave Erwin from Findlay, Ohio. I am the Proud Owner of a 2001 Suzuki Carry. One of the best purchases I have ever made.
  4. Chris Ephgrave
    Chris Ephgrave
    Hi everyone, my name is Chris and i have just purchased a 2001 Suzuki carry, and i will have a few questions to ask soon.
  5. VanOne
    VanOne Don-in-Japan
    Hi, if I could please have reference info you have for a 1995 Suzuki Every emailed to: miraanohebi@gmail.com
    Thank you very much. Great to see someone so dedicated to the world of Kei trucks/vans giving people all the help they need.
  6. chris allen
    chris allen Dan
    hi dan I have timed my 3g81 30 times, with in an hour it is out of time AGAIN,,,,,Any suggestions
  7. muddy moose
    muddy moose
    finally figured out how to get back on here. Ill update in the next couple days
  8. Captain County
  9. David Hickey
    David Hickey
    Is there a body lift you can buy to fit a 1992 Suzuki carry dd51T
  10. Jimgie
    Just joined this site and am looking forward to picking up some knowledge and ideas.
  11. Ben_w
    Ben_w NathanH
    Hey man, what did you do about the headlights??
  12. Jim Nelson
    Jim Nelson
    I'm kind of over loaded, give me a bit and I will try to find them.Could you pm me your email addy please.
  13. Ray Petty
    Ray Petty
    I need a diagram of vacuum lines off of carb on scrum mini truck
    1. Jim Nelson
      Jim Nelson
      I tried the email you sent and it bounced. Check desperately need tuning help thread in Suzuki forum
      Jan 9, 2018
  14. Stevemarher
    What would cause my mini to have sparks when I touch carb and the body With a screw driver
  15. Bamboozle
    Need New heater motor: Any quick removal suggestions or tips for the heater module assembly removal??
  16. barryb
    79,564 kilometers
  17. barryb
    1995 Honda Acty Attach
  18. Jane D
    Jane D
    Two water hoses at the engine end of my Domingo need replacing but sadly you can no longer order them from Japan?
  19. AZmini-t
    AZmini-t Robert Nelson
    Hey Robert. I appreciate you letting me write to you to ask questions. Did you go to the DMV that's right by Big Surf in tempe? Also, what kind of paperwork did you have to do to get the vehicle from customs? I'm assuming you went through it in Los Angeles?
    1. Robert Nelson
      Robert Nelson
      Yes it is the one right next to big surf. As far as getting it through customs did you use a customs broker? Give me a call or text me. 480-518-2061
      Nov 27, 2017
  20. Don-in-Japan
    Don-in-Japan greg0187
    Greg, I have a PDF of some reference materials that would be of some value to the site, but cannot post due to size. (16MB). If there is a way you can circumvent the limits, or post it yourself, let me know and we can get it on the forum.