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New Profile Posts

  1. Mark Peeples
    Mark Peeples Dan
    Dan are you still here?
    1. Dan
      I haven't had the mini trucks for a while now but, still get a random inquiry from the forums. What's up?
      May 9, 2022
    2. Mark Peeples
      Mark Peeples
      Am following your old posts regarding mini trucks. Found your knowledge golden. I purchased a minivan tuned it up . It had bad gas. Flushed it etc but it only runs for 5 seconds or so then runs out of gas. I hate to take apart the carb for cleaning. Hoped that barrynan b12 would work : ) I guessing no though. Thanks for your reply.
      May 10, 2022 at 12:15 AM
  2. Hatchbackhound
    Finding answers to future problems.
  3. MichTrucks
    MichTrucks Ted LeJeune
    Ted, We have Body Lift kits for the Subaru Sambar older trucks in stock at Goldstarparts.com
  4. rip
    2021 daihatsu dump truck hd type:3bd-s501op-tmrf. chassis s510op-041457 engine kf-ve4-658 cc. color w19 trim gn20
  5. jpaul70631
    jpaul70631 trktrd
    Deeply sorry for your loss. Where in the country are you located? If you were in New England, I would be interested in your late wife's van.
  6. powersryan6818
    Having carb issues with my Suzuki Carry DB51T. Cleaned the carb replaced vacuum lines and now it won’t run at all. Without pressing the gas
  7. Microbus63
    Show people how it's done. Don't do it for them!
  8. Hayden Paul Anderson
    Hayden Paul Anderson
    New here, how do you mark a post as solved?
    1. SteveBW
      I'm new on here, but if you are logged in and go to your post, there is an option to "Edit" that post near the lower section.. Perhaps type (SOLVED) in the tittle and you could for future ref comment what was found or done to correct your problem.
      May 11, 2022 at 10:27 PM
  9. Greg Lewis
    Greg Lewis
    Does anyone have a decent passenger seat cover and cushion for a KS4 they’d consider selling? Thanks!
  10. Darthsader
    Does anyone know of a domestic air filter that will work in the f6a df51v?
  11. Clint Moore
    Clint Moore
    1997 mitsibishi u42t
  12. dale hynes
    dale hynes allochris
    I got rid of the Evil tires. Even with a lift kit they rubbed like crazy, 25 inch tall was too tall. I settled with 23x10-12 Rhox Grapplers as my off road tires. On 12x7 inch Yamah Viking rims, which fit perfectly and are Road legal they are a great tire. I use 175/70-13 street tires for highway use. Check out my Facebook page, Rain Forest Mini Trucks.
  13. Detroitleaker
    Detroitleaker KCCats
    Did you do the cv40 swap to a Suzuki carry? If so where did you get the carb spacer and any other stuff to make it work? Thank you
  14. Detroitleaker
    1992 Suzuki carry 4x4.
  15. Jacob Whitman
  16. SteveBW
    I received the front prop shaft, today and installed without a hitch! So now 3 wheel drive, so-called AWD!
  17. Slowride
    Slowride At E III
    I went thru the same with my 95 Carry. I understand the scrum is a close cousin.
    Take I look at this posthttps://minitrucktalk.com/posts/126208/
  18. SteveBW
    95/96? Acty Town without front propeller (drive) shaft.
  19. At E III
    At E III
    Looking for the largest size wheels and tires I can run on my 93 Scrum 4WD without lifting or adding new springs.
  20. At E III
    At E III
    Looking for the largest size wheels and tires I can run on my 93 Scrum 4WD without lifting or adding new springs.
  21. At E III
    At E III
    93 Mazda Autozam Scrum Wheels and Tires
  22. chriswm
    Just took delivery of 1993 Subaru Sambar. Any suggestions of the best source(s) for parts?
  23. Smokie
    New owner of a 1996 Suzuki Carry, 4 x 4, 4 spd, hi/lo with diff lock.
  24. Pedro Poteet
    Pedro Poteet
    1994 F6A 4x4 standers transmission
  25. Jersey201
    Jersey201 shogun
    Hey new to this forum. Seen ur name alot on the posts so id figured to ask u the dumbest question..how the f*** do i post a thread with a pic?? It keeps saying the file is too big but its only 4mb. I got a dent but cant ask for help if i cant show a pic.
    1. shogun
      use a pic resize link, or upload the pic on a free pic upload and just post the link to the pic here in the forum, then everyone can click on the link
      Feb 19, 2022
    2. SteveBW
      I use my smart phone for web surfing and taking pictures. I worked around the problem by taking a picture with my phone, then do a screen shot of that picture, seems to look good on my phone. Not sure how it looks on a PC.
      Mar 2, 2022
  26. Christopher a botta
    Christopher a botta topherztoyz
    Hi Chris... this is Chris in Queen Creek Arizona... Any advice or tips on registering my Daihatsu Hijet in our fine state?
  27. Hijetinmalawi
    Blew my head gasket, radiator was blocked with mud from rust!!
  28. Hijetinmalawi
    Blew my head gasket, radiator was blocked with mud from rust.
  29. Hijetinmalawi
    On the road again
  30. DEG95DH