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New Profile Posts

  1. bdot
    Always Awesome.
  2. Shelly Harwood
    Shelly Harwood
    Looking for a starter for my mini
  3. kip thompson
    kip thompson
    1995 Suzuki carry, 6 inch lift, big horn tires, camo wrap, rear bumper, 4 speed wth diff lock. 11 KM on the clock
  4. Terry H
    Terry H
    93 Suzuki Carry 4x4 "Mini Pearl"
  5. H Privetts
    H Privetts TRES STEVENS
    Frame / Model Code KS4 / T11 body T3 (truck 3-way ) engine EN07C (660CC CARB) drive S4WD (selective 4 wheel drive )
    Production date 17.06.1996 grade STDSP (STD special (special B incl.)) transmission MT (manual transmission ) roof N/R (standard roof )
    Option code C Color code 054 (polar white ) Trim code 510 (grey )
  6. Betta
    Betta TonyD
    Hey Tony nice looking truck. I also just purchased a 91 mits and also from PA. Wondering if you could give me any pointers or info on how you got your truck registered and inspected in PA as legal. I'm still waiting for all the paperwork from original owner. He had it legal in Virginia and moved to PA and is trying to locate the paperwork with his recent move. Any help with the process would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. shogun
    shogun TRES STEVENS
    VEHICLE DETAILS - CHASSIS: KS4-289704 , Model: SAMBAR TRUCK Engine: EN07C ,Grade: トラック = Truck STD スペシャル2 = Special 2 , Drive: 4WD Year: 1996-06 , Transmission: F5 Fuel: G from here https://carvx.jp/chassis-number
    can anyone help with finding the month of mfg. of a Subaru Sambar 1996 VIN# KS4-289704???
    1. fumbimo
      Aug 25, 2021
  9. mtbuicknut
    Buick drag racer
  10. ed nap
  11. Wham
    Wham Casey M Pinch
    Hi Casey, you had posted about using TCV to get a truck. I'm looking for my first minitruck, and TCV certainly looks way cheaper than going through a dealer. But I'm not entirely sure how the whole thing works. Do you have any advice, or someone I could reach out to? I'm in Seattle.

    DAN CANAAN Casey M Pinch
    Heyo! Stumbled across one of your comments about tires and noticed you were in Tacoma. I'm up near Auburn and curious if there is any kei truck activity about. Curious to meet others.
  13. Mick
    The “Grouch-innator”
  14. Roger Nickerson
    Roger Nickerson
    No Kei truck yet still researching.
  15. Billy Sudo
    Billy Sudo
    Need help with 96 Honda acty ac.
  16. Carlos Rubio
    Carlos Rubio
    1994 Honda ACTY “fox” 2wheel drive fuel injected
  17. Beezer
    My 1990 Subaru Sambar arrived in the Port of Savannah in July 2021. It is now headed to the mountains of Western NC, near Brevard
  18. Chris Wrona
    Chris Wrona
    New owner of an 89 Honda Acty E05A and 5 speed trans 4x4. Looking forward to gather and giving info and getting to know the group.
  19. naterjeff
    1995 Suzuki carry 4sp 4x4
  20. machew671
    machew671 Reece
    I saw your post on shifter rebuild and I am wondering if you got those parts the other member posted?
    1. Reece
      Which ones? I have replaced a lot of the bushing for the shifter
      Jul 24, 2021
  21. victorb153
    victorb153 Dan
    .I have a 1989 Mit Bravo Supercharged AC.aero roof.It came with an extra carburetor and I need to get rebuilt. the one running on it isnt idling mechanic had it for 2 months and didnt fix and charged me 800$. and when I got its back the engine light is on..so where is a good place to send the carb to be rebuilt.I am in Rhode Island T
  22. H Privetts
    H Privetts Aubrey Irion
    Hey Aubrey, Thanks for logging on, hope to see your posts
    Herb here, been off for awhile, I'm back to update
  23. Bry899
    Bry899 matt167
    I was following your thread on the Minitruck forum. I was able to register my 1995 Carry in NY this month, but 9 days later I received a letter from NYSDMV for the plates back. I am attempting to register the Carry in VT but I do not want to make any mistakes. So my question is in the Vermont registration it asks for body type? Did you use Pickup or car? Thank you in advance for your help Bryan
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    2. matt167
      I want to try getting one of the trucks one size bigger than Kei as they should be good to go. But, I have to wait until prices normalize. Stuff was getting really cheap before Covid and now it's high again
      Jun 30, 2021
    3. Bry899
      What is the one size bigger truck model called, Are they legal in NY?. I received the NYS DMV letter to return the NYS plates.
      Jul 1, 2021
    4. matt167
      Toyota Liteace, Mazda Bongo, Mitsubishi Canter, Izuzu ELF ect... They go from trucks the size of a Ford Ranger, to 2 ton trucks the size of a 3/4 ton truck, just with a 12' fold down bed. It depends on what you want. But they should fall through the cracks. There is no law actually written. They are using a clause at will to block trucks, but as of right now only blocking Kei trucks.
      Jul 3, 2021
  24. sourcequench
    Restoring the Carry
  25. rkasc4
    rkasc4 dgame
    Hi, no probs. If you send me your email address and I'll send it to you through wetransfer as it's too big for email. Thanks!
  26. rkasc4
    rkasc4 Josh Byrne
    Hi josh, yep I can send you the manual, no probs. Could you send me your email address and I'll send it through one of the file transfer websites as it's too big for standard email at about 40mb (from memory).

    1. Josh Byrne likes this.
  27. Richard Puetz
    Richard Puetz
    Recent Acty purchase starting upgrades.
  28. Kyle Lamb
    Kyle Lamb
  29. toddbrew
    daily driver - no off-road
  30. samsunteg
    1995 daihatsu hijet s110p 4x4.