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New Profile Posts

  1. Vantastic
    This model is the hardest to find with automatic trans, panoramic glass roof, 54hp supercharged and AWD!!
  2. Vantastic
    $20,000 USD takes this '95 Subaru Sambar DIAS.
  3. Vantastic
    Imported to Canada. Took possession in October 2020.
  4. Vantastic
    95 DIAS. Automatic. Panoramic Roof. Supercharged. AWD.
  5. Vantastic
    Time to set her free.
  6. 6277brent
    Thanks for having this site.
  7. Rick Parker
    Rick Parker
    Trying to get my baby up and running.
  8. Tiponinn1
    Tiponinn1 Baggey22
    , Hi I saw you posted about using Mitsui co ltd back in oct of 19. Did you end up getting a truck through them? I was looking at some they have and wanted to know how it went. Thanks Rob
  9. Ken Anderson
    Ken Anderson
    Looking for help finding a alternator for a tmag vbelt
  10. Christopher Helman
    Christopher Helman joanne
    I have a 2002 cushman white truck pickup. Looking for a repair manual also. Thank you.
  11. wespiece
    2013 Daihatsu Hijet - lifted 2" with 25" tires
  12. wespiece
    wespiece harley rose
    hello harley - im in texas as well - how much for a front spring kit for a 93 daihatsu hijet? I have a 2" lift and i guess i need the progressive springs one step harder than stock. I put on 25x8 - 12in rim and they rub just a tiny bit in the front when the truck bounces.
    please let me know
    wes pierce
  13. widmerhd
    1998 Subaru Sambar Special KS4
  14. At E III
    At E III BubbaScrum
    I just purchased a 93 Scrum DK51T
    What sparkplugs does the manual call out for?

  15. Yanick
    1994 Suzuki Carry left hand drive
  16. Yanick
  17. Leen Bowers
    Leen Bowers
    Working all day
  18. Chandra
    Chandra Keith Dixon
    Hello Keith Dixon....I totally want to talk to you about a shell! Looking at buying a Subaru Sambar 4x4 truck and was gonna do it myself. But shoot, you already know how!
    Besides thru the forum, how can we call each other?
  19. Willyh
    Have a DB71T-304585 1987 Suzuki Carry 4x4 truck my rear axle is locked need help to disengage it thank you in advance
  20. Daddylongnutz
    Daddylongnutz ttc
    Do you happen to have a manual or pictures of the vacuum lines to a 1989 s81p hijet 4x4 with the eb-60. Thanks justin_green77335@yahoo.com