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  1. Paco
  2. Gregg Parodi
    Gregg Parodi
    Having a ball with my mitsubishi Mini love designing new parts
  3. weldmech
    I'm from Minnesota and am trying to see if the legal Ordinance has changed or if my county has been tried.
  4. Teric Hughes
    Teric Hughes Botl01
    Botl01, you are AWESOME. I believe this is exactly what I was looking for.
  5. TooManyProjects
    Need help with a cold/warm start issue for a 91 mitsubishi minicab with 3G83. i started a thread earlier
  6. JTT3
    JTT3 cop on my back
    Thanks for the offer, what do you want for it and could you send pictures to my email please? Thanks John
    Email- jtanne7316@aol.com
  7. JTT3
    JTT3 axle
    Axle can you send me the manuals for a 1992 dd51T.? Thanks John
  8. Heiny
    Middle Tn
  9. Teric Hughes
    Teric Hughes Botl01
    HELP, you posted(9-20-19) a Samba Svc Manual for a U42T, link says it is on an external site. Can you send me the live link? I'm trying to identify the ground to connect a coil properly. I have power TO the coil, but not to the ignition. Replaced fuses, pretty sure it's either the solenoid and/or the ground connection causing me issues.
    1. Botl01
  10. Teric Hughes
    Teric Hughes
    I need the wiring diagram for a '96 Mits. Mini, no power coming off out of coil to ignition. Which is the ground???
  11. Cbast
    Never a Ford
  12. Mighty Camo Mini
    Mighty Camo Mini
    Always wanted a mini truck. Now I got me a Suzuki Carry 4X4 camo wrapped. My redneck dream car!!! Now working on getting this on the road.
  13. MattBear907
    Up above the clouds
  14. MattBear907
    ‘93 Suzuki Carry - 4wd, 6 speed, axle lock
  15. Tammy
    Anyone on here happen to have a vintage Suzuki carry 72 or older?
  16. Tammy
    Just wanted to say hello
  17. trav1
    looking for left front lower control arm bushing parts for the Dymac...
  18. fargo9123
    shade tree maniac and not into details about a lot of stuff I've seen on here but do my best with what I have!
  19. tony242000
    tony242000 OldMachinist
    Hello Sir,

    Any tips on the my minitruck

    The fuel pump does not get signal to prime.

    If I Conect the fuel pump direct to the battery truck start right up..
    After I start the truck then there is a 12 v signal to the Pump.. Very strange.
    any tips.
    1. Kapium
      Try to get a service manual with wiring diagrams. My guess is that there is a relay that provides the fuel pump power from the On-key position that is no longer working but it's able to get power from the alternator after startup. Good luck!
      Jul 2, 2020
  20. Chubbylover53
    Chubbylover53 MiniBrutes
    Hey mate

    I'm in the process if importing a DD51T. I noticed from your display pic that you have (had) a DD51T with the composite headlights. How did you manage to get these compliant for registration in canada (ie DOT or ECE? ) Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Michael