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New Profile Posts

  1. Brian olivier
    Brian olivier
    I have a 1997 Suzuki, it pops out or third gear all others gears stay in put when you put it in third it won't stay. Any ideas?
  2. elecses
    elecses Charles W.
    Hello. If you need anything, send it to Russia?
    Thank you.
  3. linda
    linda WestEndAngler
    Starts but won't run,plugs ol
  4. AMSZP
    1980 Daihatsu Hijet S65, Tram conversion!
  5. Northjet
    Hoping to find the s110p parts catalog - need struts for my '96
    1. Tuskano likes this.
    2. Tuskano
      Front or rear struts? If I was back home, I would have been able to send either the front or rear of a S110P. Unfortunately, I can't get home for like another 4 months... good luck in your search, might be able to find it on ebay? I had found a repair manual for one there before.
      Apr 24, 2017
  6. sheelistic
    sheelistic s80sfordays
    do you have a passenger mirror for a hijet.
    1. chris allen
      chris allen
      have tons of mirrors 310-283-5316
      May 13, 2017
  7. Suheil Perry
  8. cam mitchell
    cam mitchell
    I have 95Actyand need help rehooking vacuum lines to and from carb. Pictures or schematics would help.
  9. Rodney
    I'm looking to replace my clutch tomorrow and all I need to know is what the flywheel, and pressure plate torque specs. 2cyl Subaru 4wd
  10. Stan
    Stan kmoneil
    So the question I have for you is that every time I login I click the keep me logged in button and every time I'm gone for more than 30 minutes I get logged out. How do I fix that ? My login email is not a short one and I'm getting tired of putting it in every time.
  11. Yardman
    mini is not always a bad thing
  12. Dmj
    My truck doesn't have hi/ low range. I want bigger tires and snowplow. Could I just change transfer case? Suggestions?
  13. Captain County
    Captain County WestEndAngler
    Hi there!.. Just looking to see how you made out with that manual for the db52t ?
  14. Rodgers Chisenga
    Rodgers Chisenga
    I am in need of suzuki k6a camshaft and timing kit. Am in lusaka Zambia.
  15. Manny Tamay
  16. Lee Uithoven
    Lee Uithoven
    Lee, new member, 1992 Mitsubishi u42t
  17. Rodney
    New member. 89 Subaru Sambar clutch won't disengage
  18. slobra300
    slobra300 Joe Dirt
    Hey Joe, recently I saw where you posted that an Autozone pn# 2172 would work for a transmission mount. I own a 1991 Daihatsu Hijet S83P and was wondering what kind of mini truck you had. Just trying to figure out if this is what I need as well. Thanks!
  19. ekyleb
    ekyleb ttc
  20. two jims
    two jims fupabox
    do you still have adaptors for sale