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  1. stitch007
    stitch007 Limestone
    Good morning Limestone,

    I just purchased a 1993 Daihatsu S82P Hijet and I'm flying to pick it up in 3 weeks.

    Can we arrange to have a conversation by phone? If you prefer that I call you in Cleveland, please provide your phone numbers and the best time for me to call EST.

    Many thanks,

    Land: 858.454.2628
    Cell: 619.980.4586
  2. G1wood
    New to the site, need to figure it out. Bought Suzkie carrie dump box a year ago. Love it, but trading up to a heavier hijet dump.
  3. S.Hiro
    buy any 2003 to 2007 models and i will convert them to Supper Carry X model
  4. WeekendMechanic
    Currently tinkering with DB41T
  5. G1wood
    New member
  6. Gossimier2004
    I need spark plugs for 1995 hijet van S110V010623 660 twin cam fuel injection any help?
  7. brian m
    brian m
    DD51T always tinkering
  8. Shelburne Troy
    Shelburne Troy
    Please help! I've got an electrical snapping sound coming from the passenger side top end of my motor. Is that normal?
    1. Shelburne Troy
      Shelburne Troy
      It's a 99 Suzuki carry
      Feb 7, 2020
  9. flip
    am looking for a vacuum line routing diagram and diaphragm location for a 91 s83
  10. johnadam11
  11. Shelburne Troy
    Shelburne Troy
    Suzuki carry performance chips?
    1. Shelburne Troy
      Shelburne Troy
      Does anyone have any experience with performance chips, I've seen a few sites for carry chips and I'm very tempted to......?
      Jan 18, 2020
  12. Jamison Lure & Fly
    Jamison Lure & Fly
    '93 Suzuki Carry, DD51T (9th Gen), F6A Diff Lock, Axle Lock, Crawler Gear
  13. Kevin Underwood
    Kevin Underwood
    I have a 2017 Daihatsu Hijet . Does anyone have a solution to protect the radiator so so fine seeds doesn't get compacted with debris ?
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    2. Limestone
      Keeping it flushed, without damaging the thin cooling fins are important! Maybe add some thin metal underneath to keep most of the seeds from getting sucked up. But try not to interfere with cooling!
      Feb 7, 2020
    3. Limestone
      Jamison lure and fly, has a 93 suzuki carry. The radiator is located in front of the vehicle, under the windshield. Eliminating a lot of seeds and dirt in the radiator!
      Feb 7, 2020
    4. Limestone
      Makes me want to move my radiator up front in front of the front wheels!
      Feb 7, 2020
  14. Hap Wilson
    Hap Wilson
    Broke man with a broke kei truck any questions?
  15. Lewis woodward
    Lewis woodward
    anybody got any info on lifting 2019 Suzuki carry light duty dump?
  16. mailooo
    project 2cyl diahatsu chopped and slammed 1/2in off ground no airbags lol.will be up for sale in 1 week 619259-4647.
  17. 509er
    509er Don-in-Japan
    Hello Don-in-Japan ...from a post you stated "I have translated carb adjustment diagrams for the Carry if anyone wants them, PM an Email address."

    Available? Have a '92 Carry Dump,VIN: DD51B105001. I like being prepared. I am new to minitrucks.com but I find your posts to be very informative.
    Direct email: donmorrisey@gmail.com
  18. marvelo
    1993 Suzuki Carry DD51B Dump 4x4, Axle Lock, Diff Lock
  19. WendyM
    WendyM Don-in-Japan
    hi Don, do you have reference sheet for 1996 Suzuki Carry dd51t f6a... bennettb@mymts.net Thanks
  20. Guy
    Guy Dan
    Hello dont know much about these little trucks
    But I do know I have a mitisibishi 3 speed that hits max speed of 25 slow mph not 4x4 it’s 2 wheel drive
    An was thinking about the governor is anyone out here familiar with the type I’m referring to by chance
    does it happen to be the same as 4x4 with the diode on speed o box / cable any help would be nice Thanks