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New Profile Posts

  1. Grampas Antique Kitchen
    Grampas Antique Kitchen
    early 80's I think? Cushman White Truck w/ 4cyl Mitsubishi 2 x 4.
  2. Subarucyr
    New to the forum, picked up a 95 sambar about a week ago and still just tinkering. But already all you guys rock, so much info on here.
  3. Jigs-n-fixtures
    Jigs-n-fixtures kmoneil
    Kevin the top banner is covering more than half of the upper thread. Using an IPad.
  4. Raymon Barajas
    Raymon Barajas
    I am in search for a lift kit for the model HA2 Honda ACTY. Any body with any information would be appreciated
  5. S.Hiro
    Hi & Thanks for your kind info,
  6. StevenSS
    StevenSS Jim Nelson
    Do you have an email. Got mini truck questions. I'm in Cali mine is 22stevensilva@gmail.com
  7. StevenSS
    StevenSS Jim Nelson
    Do you have an email. Got mini truck questions. I'm in Cali
  8. Acerguy
    Acerguy S.Hiro
    Hello!. I saw your post on my profile. Unfortunately, I do not have the ability to update your profile. I'm very sorry. Perhaps you could direct your request to Kevin at Kmoneil here on the forum. He is the actual site administrator.
  9. S.Hiro
    S.Hiro Acerguy
    hi, nice work, can you please up date my profile, http://www.japanese4x4minitrucks.net my company name in Japan is YAMATO TRADING CO LTD
    I hope that I can be a very good help for mini's business as we can convert any mini's into Jumbo or Super Carry X model which is 2018/2019 models and quite expensive but I can convert any models to Super Carry X model, thanks
  10. chris allen
    chris allen ttc
    1. ttc
      I will email you tomorrow when I get back to my computer.
      Aug 26, 2019
  11. Little lynn
    Little lynn ttc
    Hey man this is Little Lynn you wouldn't possibly still have that vacuum hose diagram would. I could really use it, I would be gratefull.
  12. Dismantle
    Dismantle Ashnkooshe
    Any updates with the trailor? You where looking for.
  13. AZJohn
    AZJohn mike o
    I got my suzuki carry insured through Hagerty. $400 bucks for the year (registered with full tags). I know that's a lot more than some folks but I didn't want to go through hoops after calling other companies that had no idea how to insure it.
    1. Willy wont work
      Willy wont work
      Good information i will look them up next week are they a Phx base company?
      Aug 16, 2019
  14. JoeJoker
    JoeJoker Speedjunkiejp
    just picked up my 08 Suzuki carry in Melbourne FL. Any suggestions for insurance in FL? my carrier won't accept it.
  15. goldstar
    goldstar Don-in-Japan
    Hi Don.
    Out of Province Inspection rules have changed here in Alberta and RHD vehicles are now required to have LHD headlights to pass certification.
    Do you have a replacement option for a 1993 Honda Acty with sealed units?
    1. Don-in-Japan
      Sorry didn't see this until now. I assume they are the round type, since you said sealed beam?
      Jul 14, 2019
  16. goldstar
    Hi Guys. I need DOT LHD headlights in order to pass an Alberta inspection on a 1993 Honda Acty. Does anyone have any resources?
  17. Jeffrey Doan
    Jeffrey Doan
    Work in progress
  18. Little lynn
    Little lynn
    Need a vacuum diagram for a 1996 diahautsu mini truck 4x4
    1. ttc
      I may have something on my laptop
      Jul 3, 2019
  19. Yane bagu
    Yane bagu
    Looking for parts...tomorrow radiator flush at least.
  20. Mini mack
    Mini mack
    Is this a red san fu that u are asking about mini mack