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New Profile Posts

  1. Mini mack
    Mini mack
    Is this a red san fu that u are asking about mini mack
  2. S.Hiro
  3. Subaru Samba Lover
    Subaru Samba Lover
    Need Help Please - Subaru Samba KV3 1995 - does anyone know where the fuel isolator switch is? Drove over bump then van packed up!
  4. franzi
    Hi,just got a Suzuki carry 95 today- can anybody help pls to find workshop manual on line- thanks
  5. Vannie
    Happy with my Vannie
  6. Lewis woodward
    Lewis woodward
    should have my little truck back next week to go to the Indiana BMV to get plates
  7. Lewis woodward
    Lewis woodward
    Just got a 2019 Suzuki Dump from japan . Now it is at line-X getting the bed, back of cab, and the top of cab Line-X and undercoated
    1. MichTrucks
      Lewis, we now have lift kits, air filters and other items for the new Suzuki, Mazda, Nissan and Mitsubishi mini trucks. Check us out! Regards, Steven. Michminitrucks.com
      Jun 5, 2019
  8. Chariot Racer
    Chariot Racer Dismantle
    C. R. Here, North Shore Off-Road is having a sale on heavy jacks. You’ll need one, on sale for $98.00. Hi Lift -4 foot model. Best on the market. I ordered one.
  9. Chariot Racer
  10. Nute
    Just bought my first 2 mini trucks!
  11. Dismantle
    just purchased my first mini truck!
    1. Nute likes this.
  12. Dutchminitrucker
    Proud owner of a DD51T, JDM YO!
  13. neller
    neller mike o
    where and who to get insurance from ?
  14. DingoBandit
    2001 Daihatsu Hijet
  15. muddy moose
    muddy moose
    Sad day for the mini truck. Front axle finally gave up on me. Now the fun begins......trying to find parts haha
  16. SDK1968
    SDK1968 milmor88
    hey you still active on this forum? i also have a 95 suzuki...
  17. SDK1968
    SDK1968 fmartin_gila
    Fred, do you have anymore info on a EFI kit for the suzuki carry? its a 1995 carbed model f6a. thanks!
  18. Joker
    I’m a new member. I own a 2017 Suzuki carry. I just finished a scissor dump modification. When I figure out how to post pics I will do so.
  19. Jeff1212
    Jeff1212 AngusII
    hello my names Jeff I was wondering if you send me some pictures of the vacuum lines on your truck?
  20. Aftab