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New Profile Posts

  1. Frenchie
    Frenchie 98mit
    Hi my name is Rick I'm new to this site just wanted to know where you ultimately your cap and wires from did you find them locally I'm in Edmonton and looking to buy local as well
  2. Hiro 4x4
    Hiro 4x4
  3. Hiro 4x4
    Hiro 4x4
    Hi, I am back in Mini trucks & Jeep / Car biz again, we are able to convert to LHD many Models, Like Pajero Hilux surf small size trucks,
  4. 57 Ranch
    57 Ranch
    Hunting member
  5. SpankyNFla
    SpankyNFla Jigs-n-fixtures
    Hey man...cool lookin' truck. Really dig the scissor lift.
  6. Toddy
    Toddy nepegg89
    nepegg, I'm in NC too and am having a hard time at dmv getting plates. It's the VIN they're questioning. I have a Fla title.
    Can you give me any tips how you did it?
    Please and thank you
  7. SpankyNFla
    SpankyNFla axle
    Hey Axle, cool looking truck man. Great looking setup. I have a '90 Carry, plane jane white, but that won't last. Thinking of painting it orange and putting Tonka logos on it, like a toy truck.
  8. 200trueblue
    200trueblue kansas
    Hi, can you tell me where you connected the Green wire for the tach ?

  9. 200trueblue
    200trueblue Tom Notch
    Hey Tom I’m trying to get a Equus 6068 Tach to work on my 2003 Carry and I’ve just posted in the Tachometer
    Thread on the site with a pic of which I think is the Cam Sensor but no luck. You said the sensor was on the
    Back side of the motor ?? but this is what I found on the Front that I’m thinking is the right one, it’s the timing chain side so I figured it must be?

  10. land lord
    land lord
    how to remove front crank shaft timing gear
  11. land lord
    land lord
    how to change the front oil seal on a suzuki DD51T F6A
  12. chris allen
    chris allen TRAX and HORNS
    hi there any chance yOU HAVE ANY info on the s80lp
  13. chris allen
    chris allen fupabox
    hi there any chance yOU HAVE ANY info on the s80lp
  14. Shaun
    Shaun Don-in-Japan
    Hi Don, If you do still have reference sheets, could I get one for a 1995 Hijet S110p? Email is jedbent@gmail.com. Thanks
  15. showland
    Sorry, I hit return and it sent. The character limit is too short here so email me at showland@mac.com or call me at 413-522-3320
  16. showland
  17. Coors9497
    I have a 2011 Suzuki Carry and i am noticing that the truck is lacking power to go up any incline what so ever.
  18. MJPapp
    MJPapp Tuskano
    Sorry - just joined the forum - what engine did you install in that?
    1. Tuskano
      Hi and welcome to the forum! My Hijet has a na 13B rotary/transmission out of a 88 Rx7.
      May 2, 2018
    2. Tuskano
      And whole rx7 subframe and suspension.
      May 2, 2018
  19. Jeff Turcotte
    Jeff Turcotte showland
    Hello. I see that you recently posted that you imported a mini truck into Massachusetts. I'm looking to do the same thing. This is new to me, and curious if you might share how you did it, and who was involved, ie broker, transporter, etc. I'm located in Fitchburg. Thanks, Jeff
  20. woodhe1
    woodhe1 Ran440
    1. Ran440
      Thanks for the link. I'll keep that in mind. Randy
      Apr 11, 2018