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New Profile Posts

  1. nmkoza
  2. Josephsra
    Searching for an engine swap
  3. JoejonesU42T
    Restoration 95% complete
  4. KevinK
    1997 Hijet S110P running on motorcycle carb
  5. Lee Webb
    Lee Webb
    looking for wiring diagam for d15 truck
  6. Lee Webb
  7. AlonSeal
    1997 Daihatsu Atrai s130v EF-GS
  8. JBrock
    Where is everyone getting their parts in the United States? I found part on mini4x4.ca, but that is in Canada. Anyone order from them?
  9. Payneb
    Getting the car registered in MA
  10. Payneb
    1993 Suzuki Carry DD51T / 4 speed / dif lock / 13 inch rims and tires / 2 inch lift / LED bulb replacement
  11. marlo mini truck
    marlo mini truck Don-in-Japan
  12. marlo mini truck
    marlo mini truck Don-in-Japan
    Hello don in Japan. Marlo here can you email me the translated info for carb. I have a 1992 Suzuki carry it won’t stay going and I think it’s either a vacuum hose or carb
  13. Lstrbl
    Where do I ask a question ❓
  14. Li'l White Sambar
    Li'l White Sambar Honeyman
    Tell me about your .mil-style "topper" on the cargo bed - you use wood or metal for your internal hoops/stiffeners?
  15. TinyTonka
    Why won't you idle down already
  16. JoejonesU42T
    Restoration in month 6. Expect to be completed my.May 1st.
    1. JoejonesU42T
      Trying to set up a link for restoration pics.
      Apr 1, 2024
    Hi everybody, looking for some assistance with my 04 supercharged sambar. exhaust is glowing red hot after about a mile of driving.
    1. Minicab69
      Did you figure it out? It sounds like a plugged catalytic converter.
      Apr 8, 2024
  18. Josey Whales
    Josey Whales Bowe
    Do you live near Nj?
  19. flip
    Having problems with white smoke after head repair and gasket replacement. How else can water get into combustion?
    1. reggie98
      Cooling water circulates from the block into the head. Were the cylinder checked for cracks? A pressure test of the cooling system with the plugs removed should reveal something.

      Why aren't you posting in the Hi-Jet section of the board?
      Mar 30, 2024
  20. Shogan Systems
    Shogan Systems
    Barcode Scanning Needs: Shogan Systems is the one-stop solution for all your barcode scanning needs and we have experience of 25 years.
  21. flip
    flip fupabox
    Have a 92 daihatsu s83p-Gdm pickup. My problem is the following; truck overheated when radiator went dry, steam out of exhaust, pulled head and had it re surfaced and checked for cracks, all o.k. And re installed with new head,intake and exhaust gasket. Upon starting steam out of exhaust… still! No water in oil.
  22. PedroLeflo
  23. Eldrik
    Currently searching for and researching Subaru Sambar trucks. ISO 5-speed/supercharged/locking diff...
  24. Eldrik
    Currently searching and researching Subaru Sambar trucks.
  25. Runt
    New 96 Carry with 12 inch stock wheels .
  26. durad
    Ran the tank dry by accident; refilled w/fresh gas & now it only cranks but won't start.
  27. dmerc444
    Titled,plated, insured, and ready to roll!!
  28. dmerc444
    Titled,plated, and ready to roll!!
  29. RobertE
    Hi folks! Just bought a 1997 Daihatsu HiJet this week. It's a fun little thing. Looks like a great site. Can't wait to start exploring.
  30. Pat Alepuyo
    Pat Alepuyo
    Hi everyone, I have 1997 Mitsubishi Minicab 4WD Kei Truck. I need help with what is the inner diameter of the coil springs in inches.