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New Profile Posts

  1. Red Dot Japan
    Red Dot Japan
    Container loads of 7 per container mixed units for $35 000.00 per container to any US sea port.
  2. Red Dot Japan
    Red Dot Japan
    Back in business. I am in Japan currently due to Covid 19. I am looking for customers and partners in the US needing mini trucks.
  3. Chad Carlson
    Chad Carlson Tripthyme
    Still checking on a windshield
  4. Slashaar
    The Kei dream is dead. I'm too tall to fit...
  5. Christoph
    In love with my new Sambar…
  6. PaxtonDidIt
    Currently looking for a 3G81T or H21A factory service manual
  7. Ngene peter chijioke
    Ngene peter chijioke
    an from Enugu state of Nigeria
  8. drew88
    drew88 zyxjam
    Are you still distributing the english FA SUBARU E12 manual? I just picked up a 1995 Domingo and I'd love to get the manual.
  9. Patayote
    Trying to start my s83p daihatsu hijet , plese help
  10. Patayote
    Patayote Jigs-n-fixtures
    "Without the idle circuit working it will be very hard, or impossible to get the engine running. You could see if you can find some kind of plug to replace the solenoid, and try starting without it in place. Or, just cut the nose off the solenoid and use it as a plug."Can you please explain further on this process of cutting off the nose of the siloniod ? I think this is the problem. Thank you An
  11. nyxnix
    Where to get hoses ? @_@
  12. LostBox
    Alive and well.
  13. cozykat
  14. Seth14
    how do I start a new thread on here? I have a question for the masses
  15. Honeyman
    Honeyman Wonko
    I would love to see some additional pictures of your Cargo Canopy. Also if that didn't come with the truck, where did you purchase that? What you like or don't like about it?
  16. Marsla81
    Marsla81 banzairx7
    Do you design 2" lift kits for KV4?
  17. ranjith131
    No one Trust!
  18. Drain
    Drain kmoneil
    There's a very active spam account and only two active admins. If you're looking for some moderator help I'd be happy to assist.
  19. Smokie
    Smokie Acerguy
    Looks like the site has been hacked!
  20. John Laskey
    John Laskey
    GP cowboy saddled up
  21. Chad Carlson
    Chad Carlson Tripthyme
    Do you have a windshield?
  22. Jeff Hockenberry
    Jeff Hockenberry
    1997 Dhaitsu Hijet S110P
  23. Pacific Mike
    Pacific Mike
    Any suggestions where I can find a carburetor or rebuild kit for my Suzuki Carry DB41T?
  25. John E
    John E
    Hijet vacuum advance
  26. John E
    John E Acerguy
    I'm trying to set up a profile and join the site, but I get an error when trying to set up my profie. Can anyone help me out?
    1. Kevin Y likes this.
    2. Kevin Y
      Kevin Y
      Hello John , I to just joined the site . Still trying to navigate around ,
      Jul 4, 2023
  27. Nathan Watson
  28. screamingbuick
    Waiting for a boat to get my truck :-)
  29. Mike Kuechler
    Mike Kuechler Acting UP
    Hello Acting Up. Enjoyed your post from a few years back as I’m looking for info to educating myself on getting a Kei truck road legal. I’m located in St Peters Mo so I’m also in St Charles County same as you are. I’d be interested in learning more from your experience with licensing your truck if you would care to share. Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me.
    service manual 3g81